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ADLIB Ready for Historic Concert…


Young people from the Adlib Steel Orchestra gathered at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall to check out the venue for Tropical Sensation’s Father’s Day PanJazz concert.  


The Long Island based youth band, established in 1996, a history of competing in New York’s panorama and playing in different pan events and band launching.  Featured in various Panorama CD’s, the Evolution CD, and their own “We’ve Only Just Begun”, these young people are no strangers to the bright lights of the music industry. 


Their debut on the stage at Lincoln Center with performers the caliber of Garvin Blake, Liam Teague and Andy Narell, however, raises the bar for all the bands in the greater metropolitan area.  The band practices a few nights a week, and their commitment is in evidence throughout their performances.


It is obvious by the enthusiasm of these youths that both music and their Caribbean heritage is important to them.  Seasoned players all, a few aspire to major or minor in music in college, and it’s obvious that they see a bright future in pan for themselves and for the instrument.     


While the specific songs they will perform remains tightly under wraps, the band maintains a healthy repertoire of music.  Guess we’ll all just have to be at Alice Tully Hall to see what’s on the programme.


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Date: 05.19.04


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