Desperadoes and Clive Bradley
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Practically back to back - successful arranger Clive Bradley is in ripping form having just led a 51-member contingent of the Desperadoes to a victory at the September 20, 2003 finals of the first Republic Pan Fiesta in Trinidad and Tobago, in little more than two weeks after his New York Panorama triumphs, his bands Pantonic and Radoes Steel Orchestras copping first and third prizes respectively.  According to Bradley in a When Steel Talks exclusive telephone interview, Laventille-based Desperadoes were savoring the sweetness of their success, and looking forward to the Trinidad and Tobago 2004 panorama, with almost the same 'thirst' which they had going into the Pan Fiesta.  "Any time I go out there, I go out to win; anytime I do a job, in a competition sort of atmosphere, I always go out to WIN" said Bradley.

With work to do on Desperadoes' new repertoire, and recording projects with other people, Bradley has plenty to occupy his time between now and preparations for the not-too-far-off 2004 Panorama.  Commenting on the arrangement he put together for the Fiesta, Bradley mentioned that some of the work had been put in before he came to New York, and that assisted in the necessary focus that brought the band the championship, at the same time saying that the six-minute time limit on this competition's arrangement was a bit too short for his personal preference, given the variations necessary in an arrangement to generate interest.

He described the crowd response [to Desperadoes' rendition] at the competition as 'excellent', the band having been favorites since and winners of, the preliminaries; the sing-a-long selection - 'This Melody Sweet' Winsford 'Joker' des Vignes selection being a crowd pleaser in its own right.

The close-knit community was happy at the positive reflection the band's championship performance had on the community, Bradley said, as the only focus on the area in recent times was associated with crime, and efforts were even made to link the pan community with it.  He is preparing for the upcoming pan season, describing the new Desperadoes administrative management as 'affable'.

On the topic of CD recordings, Bradley said it was his understanding that finances were a bit lean at the moment, and that the sponsors appeared to be keener on funding around Panorama time, but not too much attention was being given the band outside of the official 'Pan' season.  Even the Desperadoes' Pan Fiesta championship prize purse of TT$50,000 (approximately USD$8,000.00) was not immediately available, the organizers, Pan Trinbago reportedly needing 'time' to evaluate their post-competition financial situation, etc.  Bradley mentioned that some people including himself, as arranger, had not been paid yet.

While such situations would later be resolved, Clive Bradley returned to his part, the commitment to arranging - which he had taken a few brief minutes off, to be interviewed.   It was back to work for the work for this master arranger.

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Bradley puts Desperadoes through their paces at the band's pan yard in Laventille, Trinidad