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Steelpan Jazz at Lincoln Center

The artists stared not only on stage at the Alice Tully Hall, but backstage as well.  To see them at their musical best, many people made it their business, to be at the Sunday evening affair, and When Steel Talks was on hand to capture some of them in pictures...

Notes from "Pan Notables"
who attended the Steel Pan Jazz concert
at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center - June 20, 2004

"Congrats, AEI (Abstract Entertainment Inc.) did a splendid job.... perhaps you can feature a female panist next concert.
Did you forget to tell Arturo [Tappin] "pan" was the featured instrument?  My goodness, I could hardly hear Liam [Teague].  All in all, a wonderful show. Peace."
B. Rhoden

"I was impressed with the show overall, the professionalism.  I would like to see much more of this type of show - where steel pans play not only soca and calypso, but this type of music.  To see the integration of the steel pan with the other instruments was great. ADLIB Steel Orchestra performed well.  Andy's [Narell] three songs were long, and he looked as if he wanted more time.  He may have needed to play shorter selections.  It was good to see "Jack" [Emmanuel Riley] recognized [for his work].  Garvin Blake was good!  Very good!  An evening well spent, everyone had a smile on their face when they left.
Neville Jules, Steelband legend, founder and former Captain of Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra.

"A brilliant show!  [It] could only get better, tighten a few loose ends, as it was the first show.  It was great."
Verne Rosemin, Vice President, United States Steel Band Association (USSA)

"It was a good show.  Garvin Blake and Arturo Tappin stole the entire show.  The standing ovation given to Andy Narell, should have been given to the Steel Orchestra that opened the show - ADLIB, and played one of Narell's composition..  They performed very well.
Martin Douglas, President - CrossFire Steel Orchestra, New York

"Extraordinary!  It was fabulous, it raised the roof!"
Mrs. Jacqueline Mannette, wife of Steelpan legend Dr. Ellie Manette

"It was a very good show.  It was excellent."
Clyde Durant, President - Moods Pan Groove, New York


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