Musical Movements at Annual Multicultural Festival,
courtesy Pathmark

Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, New York was transformed into a musical and cultural mecca with music from some of tri-state’s better known steelbands including: Pantonic Steel Orchestra, Women in Steel and Pan Ambassadors. While it was a cool spring Sunday June 13 afternoon outside, the shoppers’ paradise was heated up on the inside by a celebration in recognition of and featuring acts by – members of the diverse Caribbean cultural community.

Beginning almost promptly at the scheduled start of 1:00 PM, the American anthem as interpreted by Kiera Scanterbury on double seconds set the scene for what would turn out to be a non-stop musical and cultural five-hour extravaganza that enthralled shoppers and plaza visitors alike. African drumming and dancing interspersed the steelband showcases, as onlookers took up almost every available space on the stairs, the balconies above, and on one of the escalators (whose operations had been suspended temporarily) facing the stage.

Four-time Panorama champions Pantonic Steel Orchestra opened the show and wowed the crowd with an hour of superior steel featuring musical movements through pop, R&B, reggae and soca.

Along with those who danced wherever they were standing, there were a couple of people who were not at all shy to temporarily steal the spotlight by dancing away immediately in front of Pantonic as they performed, delighting the crowd even more! African drummers followed, and then Pan Ambassadors Steel Orchestra stepped up and delivered their uniquely-tailored repertoire which included a combination of vocals and steelpan.

Beautifully attired in African dress were the young dancers who proudly displayed their African heritage, while captivating the hearts of those looking on, with their African dances sequences, accompanied by African drumming. Women In Steel, presently the tri-state’s only all-woman steel orchestra, and a staple at the Pathmark Multicultural Festivals, was the final band which took the stage, to the delight of an eager crowd who had also lapped up the performances of the two previous steel orchestras.  Their repertoire opened with their signature “Woman Is Boss” number, and included R&B, pop, soca and jazz; they were joined on sax by “J.T.” for Spyro Gyra’s “Morning Dance.”

Pathmark’s annual celebration of multicultural festivals visits various communities where they have a major presence, paying tribute to and showcasing the cultures of the diverse residents. At these events, major corporate sponsors join with the supermarket giant in their community-centered interactive thrusts throughout the respective festival proceedings. All those present are invited to sample the companies’ products, avail themselves of giveaways, and even have opportunities to walk away with fantastic prizes. It was another year, and yet another successful undertaking by Pathmark, in appreciation of the continued patronage by residents of the community.

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