Andy Narell & Sakésho

in the Big Apple


Noted steelpan player Andy Narell came to town with Sakésho and filled the air with music at New York's trendy, world-music oriented Satalla (with a seating capacity of about sixty).  Patrons milled around pre-show taking the opportunity to chat with Sakésho members and also to enjoy Satalla's menu.  Slated to begin at 10 PM, Sakésho's first session got underway just around 10:15.


Satalla's muted in-house lighting set an apt backdrop for the musical pan jazz mix served up to an audience not shy to voice their appreciation for impressive riffs.  Flavorful French Caribbean musical fare complimented by Trinidad rhythms and encapsulated with jazz infusions characterized the selections delivered by the quartet comprising Martinique's Mario Canonge on piano, Michel Albio on bass, their Chicago-based drummer, and noted Andy Narell on double seconds.


The session featured mainly music from Sakésho's self-titled CD, starting out with "Laventille", and went on to include bass player Michel Albio's compositions "Karawak Dream" and "Grand Fabrice".  Canonge put his unique stamp on events with a combined Duke Ellington-flavored piece and another number called "Manicou".  The resounding applause he received for his dexterous and impassioned performance gave an idea of what marked the end of the group's first session, when all of Sakésho received a standing ovation from the near capacity audience.


As some of those who caught the first performance filed out, others made their way in for the upcoming Midnight show, which, if the group's first session was anything to gauge by, was set to win panist Andy Narell and his Sakésho bandmates yet another group of fans.


More of Andy Narell can be heard and seen in the upcoming June 20th 2004 Tropical Sensation production - Steel Pan Jazz concert:  An Acoustic Revolution being held at Lincoln Center in New York.



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Andy Narell performs with flair at Satalla in New York on Friday April 9, 2004

Mario Canonge on piano...






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