Vibrations In Steel 2:
The Christmas Concert
The Show Went On...
and The Bands Played On


The spirit of Christmas was in the air and neither snow, sleet nor rain would dampen the spirits of those who braved the less than favorable weather to attend Sunday's second Vibrations In Steel concert at Brooklyn's Wingate High School auditorium.  The show got underway almost an hour after the scheduled 5:00 PM start time, but somehow that seemed to work out as more and more brave souls turned up for what would be a delectable musical mélange.


Tickets for the event were actually near impossible to come by days before the event, even though the dreary weather took its tool on the attendance.  This would indicate that are probably quite a few ticket holders who on the actual day thought better of venturing out in the snow and rain.


Eight of the scheduled nine bands took the stage to deliver a musical mix.  Pan Ambassador's Kiera Scanterbury and Pantonic's Wayne Bernard opened the proceedings with a simply scintillating pan duet of the Star-Spangled Banner.  From Pan Ivory, the band which first took the stage to Dem Stars who closed the show, there was pan music for all discerning pan palettes.  Some bands such as Women In Steel and Utopia Pan Soul:  The Next Generation, paired sax and steel, while Pan Ambassadors and Women In Steel complimented steel with sultry vocals.  Sonatas, Pantonic and CASYM rounded off the bands who stared on steel for the Concert.


A solo performance by Imani Pascal was well received as was that of the popular Dane Gulston; two more pan duets took center stage in between the bands' performances - ADLIB's Sade Constantine and Andre White teamed up to delight the audience, as did as Utopia's Sheldon Elcock and Jelani Fernando.


There were those who were a bit disappointed with the musical fare, expecting and preferring to experience more than just one Christmas song/carol among each band's chosen three selections, in keeping with the spirit of the season.  It is perhaps an aspect the organizers may take into consideration if planning a similar outing for December 2004.  By and large though the pan patrons enjoyed the show.


Individuals who support and contribute to the steelpan fraternity and movement in one way or another shared the spotlight during the proceedings; Bill Howard, Michael Greaves, Lincoln Critchlow, James Archibald and Jared McAllister were just some of those personally honored by Pantonic and/or Women In Steel, while TWU Local 100 President Roger Toussaint took time out to express his unstinting support for the New York pan movement.  Tropical Sensation and Caribbean Vibez and Urban Entertainment Magazine, Caribbean Life and BWIA were among the sponsors who supported the Vibrations in Steel concert.



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