Women In Steel perform
at Brooklyn Museum's gala celebration


The Brooklyn Museum occupies a special place in history as the one that was slated to be the largest in the world - larger than the famed Louvre in Paris - had it been built to its original specifications of 3,000,000 square feet.  Brooklyn's annexation to New York City brought about the scaling back of those plans to one sixth that size.  Women in Steel who have made their own mark as Brooklyn's only all-female steel orchestra, became part of the institution's history as it marked yet another epoch in its existence.  Saturday April 17 heralded the official public unveiling and celebrated opening of the Brooklyn Museum's New Open Front Entrance and Public Plaza, and free admission to the facility and the day's events facilitated a constant audience flow in the tens of thousands.

It was against this backdrop that Women in Steel, one of the featured acts selected to perform as part of these auspicious proceedings, began to play promptly at 3:00 pm.  The ladies began their uplifting forty-five minute session with music that soared as high as the third-floor-situated, beautiful Beaux-Arts Court's 5,000-square-foot skylight, under which they performed.

Their attractive repertoire delighted all present with selections that captivated the audience on the whole; from the Caribbean community who identified immediately with the women steel orchestra's opening number:  Woman Is Boss and the 2002 hit Ben Lion - to the wider audience who swayed and tapped their feet while seated, in appreciation to the likes of Spyro Gyra's jazzy Morning Dance, Stevie Wonder's classic Ribbon In The Sky, Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, not forgetting the youths who lapped up the recent international smash Get Busy by dancehall mega star Sean Paul.

Multitudes of people young and not-so-young from around the museum, were drawn to the third floor as the sound of the drums reached the surrounding areas and upper floors.  In addition to those seated who knew they were in for quite an experience, those passing by stopped in their tracks and did not move much further, at least until Women In Steel played their finishing notes.

Some people  unwittingly caught the band's performance not seated directly on the third floor, but by chance rather from the upper floors.  They were ultimately the ones who ended up with the best musical 'seat' in the house and the best steelpan music treat of all - given the nature of steelpan, and the sound system employed for those in the immediate vicinity.  For those who wanted to take home more than just the memory of their musical experience, Women In Steel made available copies of the brand new Evolution CD which included selections of their just concluded repertoire.

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Women In Steel - above and below - perform at Beaux-Art Court on the third floor of the Brooklyn's Museum on Saturday 17 April, 2004