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Charles Barron makes Pan A Priority Platform in his drive for the 2005 Mayorship of New York City

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New York -- Web posted September 15, 2004 - When Steel Talks
The Council member representing Brooklyn's 42nd City Council district encompassing Brownsville and some sections of East Flatbush, East New York and Canarsie declared his certainty of becoming the 109th Mayor of New York City.

He makes it clear that New York city is aware that the Caribbean-American community and their culture generates hundreds of millions of dollars to the city's coffers during the annual Panorama, J'ouvert and Labor Day celebrations - and as the next mayor, he already has a headstart in understanding the problems facing them, especially in relation to the steelband community.

Charles Barron goes on record with a campaign promise to prioritize the steelband community's concerns and to actively set about addressing the situations which every year overwhelm and threaten to shut down the celebrations entirely.

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