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Mangrove wins Junior Panorama

This year Mangrove Junior Steelband took no prisoners when they captured their fifth consecutive Notting Hill Junior Panorama title. Arranger, Debra Romain’s solid arrangements supported by their tight playing and brilliant execution of ‘Look the Band Coming’, ensured their victory over arch rivals, Ebony.

Based in the Tabernacle, Powis Square London W11. Their players’ ages range between 7-17 years old and they rehearse four times a week as part of the educational programme provided by their parent orchestra, Mangrove Steelband. This group of young musicians have won five consecutive Junior Panorama titles since 2000 playing the following tunes

2000 – My Time – arranged by D Romain
2001 – Horn – arranged by Gary Moustache
2002 – Mash it Up – arranged by D Romain
2003- Music in we Blood – arranged by D Romain
2004 – Look de Band Coming – arranged by D Romain

In 2002, they competed at the British Association of Steelbands’ Pan Explosion competition for the first time where their participation presented the opportunity for them to experiment with composing and arranging their musical pieces, thus enhancing their educational programme.

Their current arranger is Debra Romain who has been teaching and arranging for the past fourteen years. She teaches children as young as five and their classes are free. Rick
y Dickson is also one of the orchestra’s teachers and has been involved in the Pan world for as long as he can remember. In 2002, the orchestra was featured for the BBC ‘Exchange’ programme which focused on youth activities all over the UK and they appeared on the Disney Channel this year.

These young pannists are excellent ambassadors for youth activities in inner London.

For more information on this talented group of musicians please contact the Tabernacle on 0207-565 7890 or visit their website

by Robbie Joseph



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