Pantonic Live! - The CD!
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By --Wanda McCrae

Let me be clear about something right from the start: Pantonic is not my favorite Brooklyn-based steelband.  Furthermore, Clive Bradley is not my favorite Panorama arranger.  That said, I also need to be very clear about something else: "Pantonic Live!" is one of my favorite pan CDs.  The reason is simple: I like good music, and that CD is full of good music, from the first track to the last.

This CD covers four years of the Pantonic/Bradley combination for New York Panorama.  The first two tracks are radio edits (something I had been told could "never" be done with a panorama arrangement) of Ben Lion and Stranger .  They fade out at just the right moment, leaving the listener wondering what came next.

"Picture On My Wall" is my favorite track out of the six. I particularly like Bradley's minor-key interpretation of the tune (including the phrases leading into that section) and the way the background pans carry a version of the melody after the chromatic walk-up near the end.  That is usually my cue to begin humming along, if I am somehow not doing so well before then.

Other than a slight glitch seven minutes and 42 seconds into "Stranger", the CD is flawless, both in the band's execution and in the recording engineering. I give it a 9.98 out of a perfect "10".


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Pantonic Live

Band Pantonic Steel Orchestra
Clive Bradley
Producer -
Basement Recordings Inc.


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