J'Ouvert In Pictures  

Labor Day J’Ouvert Morning  – September 6, 2004


       Masband Competition Results






Position                       Name of Mas band                             Portrayal                                  Points



1st Place                       Roy Pierre & Associates                     Boomerang                                  478


2nd Place                      All Ah We                                           Heritage                                      441


3rd Place                       St. Joseph Road Production               Broadway In The Hood                430


4th Place                       Aquarium                                          We going to Mourgard Road         377


5th Place                       E & M Production                              Back To Africa                            377


6th Place                       Wendell & Associates                         Thing In T & T                            270


7th Place                       Oildowners                                         In Living Colors                           240            


8th Place                       Insiders                                               Fancy Sailors                                235


9th Place                                                                                   Whap Coryea                                228


10th Place                     President Street Posse                         We Crazy Every Body                  180


11th Place                     Idem Production                                 Mad House


12th Place                     CASYM                                              Hawaii                                           155


13th Place                     Wingate J’Ouvert                                Sailor Ashore                         






MALE:            Francis Davis              Papa Neeza    -   Band Aquarium

FEMALE:       Maureen Hartman       Queen of Boomerang  - Band Roy Pierre & Associates





Steelbands Calypso Competition -       Winners


Position                                   Name of Steelband                             Tune Played                            Points


1st Place                                   CASYM                                              We Come Out To Play            252


2nd Place                                  D C Pan Jammers                                Turn Me On                            248


3rd Place                                   D’Radoes                                            Cocoyea                                  239


4th Place                                   Despers                                               Bonnie & Clyde                      230


5th Place                                   Adlib                                                   War                                         229


5th Place                                   Marsicans                                            Tell Me Honey                        229


7h Place                                   Sonatas                                                                                                220


9th Place                                   Moods                                                 Soca Train                               219


11 Place                                   Utopia                                                 Musical Wine                          216


10th Place                                 Pan Stars                                             War                                         209


10h Place                                 Crossfire                                              We Live to Play                      209


13h Place                                 Harmony                                             Bonnie & Clyde                      177



J’Ouvert Steelband Bomb Competition -Winners


Position                                   Name of Steelband                 Tune Played                                        Points


1 Place                                     D.C. Jammers                          Lets Stay Together                              243


2nd Place                                  Sanatos                                    How Great Thou Art                          209


3  Place                                    Marsicans                                Going Home                                       204


4th Place                                   Pan Phonics                             Bailamos                                             184


4th Place                                   Pan stars                                  Spanish Fly                                         184


6th  Place                                  Adlib                                       More                                                    183


7th Place                                   Utopia                                     Don’t Know Why                                181


8th Place                                   Despers                                   Dancing Queens                                  165


9th Place                                   CASA                                     Yesterday                                            146