Web Posted - Friday, January 7, 2004
When Steel Talks  Panorama 2005 * EXCLUSIVE *

Arddin Herbert,
  Arranger - Invaders Steel Orchestra
2005 T&T Panorama Season

Arddin Herbert, arranger for Trinidad's story-filled Invaders'  Steel Orchestra and resident arranger for New York's CASYM Steel Orchestra, has come full circle  as he now experiences a home coming.   When Steel Talks  caught up with the arranger as he shared his thoughts on the upcoming competition for the 2005 Panorama season in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Herbert grew up in Invaders' panyard and he said he is equally at home there as with his New York band CASYM.  In fact many of the people who he knew as players growing up, are present as onlookers in the Trinidad panyard as he prepares the band for their 2005 presentation for the Pan season.

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