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Controversy >> Panorama 2005 - Old School vs. New
Pan Progress or Pan Regression??

This year Steelbands participating in Trinidad and Tobago's 2005 steelband music panorama competition/concert haven been  permitted to use songs from previous years as their performance selections.  The only restriction is that no band may use a song that they played in prior panorama competitions.  This rule change has invoked spirited debate among the involved parties...  Below are links to When Steel Talks' Exclusive Interviews with some of the most respected, powerful and news-making individuals in the steelpan music industry. Listen to their perspective on this question.  When Steel Talks continues our coverage of the 2005 TnT steelpan music panorama season...


Back in Time
What does it mean?

 by AH

As a sometimes player, hearing last year that Pan Trinbago was introducing a new rule in the Panorama that bands could play older selections, I must say that I was intrigued.  Images of playing Woman on the Bass or Sa Sa Yea ran through my mind. 

I am reminded of how the forces that control sports leagues have contrived to make the games (soccer not withstanding) more palatable to the viewing audience.  A basketball game has been adulterated by TV time outs, making the running game different.  We seem to be trying to make the Panorama more palatable to some audience, but the target market is undefined.

full story >> http://www.panonthenet.com/articles/ah/old_vs_new.html

Web Posted - Sunday January 16, 2004
When Steel Talks
Panorama 2005 * EXCLUSIVE *

Duvone Stewart
Our Boys Steel Orchestra
2005 T&T Panorama Season

t age 28, Duvone Stewart is an extremely busy and serious-minded individual.  He has made his mark on the national stage as a soloist and past champion of Pan Ramajay competitions.  Stewart is no stranger to arranging, having taken both Merry Tones Steel Orchestra and La Horquetta Pan Groove to the top in the small conventional steel orchestra and single pan band competitions, respectively, in the 2004 national Panorama.   2005 finds Duvone in Tobago, the isle of his birth, arranging for Our Boys Steel Orchestra, led by Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold.

speaker.gif (351 bytes) {hear full interview} http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2005/duvone2005.html

Web Posted - Saturday January 15, 2004
When Steel Talks
Panorama 2005 * EXCLUSIVE *

Leon "Smooth" Edwards
Trinidad All Stars
2005 T&T Panorama Season

Leon "Smooth" Edwards, arranger for Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra chatted with When Steel Talks   from the All Stars' pan yard earlier on today.  With preliminary judging for the band slated for tomorrow, Saturday January 15, "Smooth" said that the arrangement had been finished a couple of days ago, and that the pan musicians were looking forward to rehearsals. 

At this point in time All Stars has the majority of its players.  The situation is much healthier this year than it was in 2004 when the choice of some All Stars members to play in steel orchestras competing in other categories for the Panorama had an impact on their availability to commit to their primary band, Trinidad All Stars.  "Smooth" believes that the attention the band's management paid to the issue is responsible for this positive development.

speaker.gif (351 bytes) {hear full interview} http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2005/edwards2005.html

Web Posted - Friday January 14, 2004
When Steel Talks
Panorama 2005 * EXCLUSIVE *

Junia Regrello
Skiffle Bunch
2005 T&T Panorama Season

Skiffle Bunch's Junia Regrello,  manager of the powerhouse steel orchestra from South Trinidad, shares his thoughts on the upcoming 2005 steelband music panorama competition.   The arranger for Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra is once again, accomplished panist US-based Liam Teague.  Their tune of choice is the late Lord Kitchener's Pan Night and Day.   Regrello says that the choice of selection was Teague's, but that the decision by Pan Trinbago to allow selections from prior years in the 2005 season is not one he is keen on, even though he understands their reasoning behind the move.

speaker.gif (351 bytes) {hear full interview} http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2005/regrello2005.html


Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Music Panorama 2005
Preliminary Rounds of Judging Schedule

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