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When Steel Talks sends out special kudos and best wishes to all the Pan musicians of Trinidad and Tobago for the 2005 Panorama season, especially those who competed in the Semi-Finals in the conventional steel orchestra categories, over the past weekend, Saturday & Sunday, January 22-23.

For the medium and large bands, When Steel Talks was fortunate to be there to capture shots to commemorate the performance of the players. Congratulations to performances in excellence go out to all, from the pan musicians of ten years of age (or even younger!),  to the "seniors" - all who toiled tirelessly behind their pans in the pan yards nightly, to the wee hours of the morning to make the "Big Yard." When Steel Talks  salutes you all - in Pictures!

Keep checking back, more pictures of the bands will be added by next week. Congratulations to the Finalists, and best of luck in the Finals!



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