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Women and Steel 2005

 Woman is "Boss" anytime of the year at When Steel Talks  - we continue to pay particular homage the women of steel through picture and written word.  Here their stories through their own voice and from those who adore and admire them from afar and up close...  The celebration continues with exclusives from Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau, Dr. Dawn Batson, Robbie Joseph, Khalick Hewitt, Dr. Jeannine Remy, Calypsonian Crazy and panist Roxanne Glasgow-Pope.

Women and Steel 2005

Tribute To The Steelpan Woman - 2005 In Pictures
When Steel Talks

Steelband Woman
Khalick J. Hewitt

Woman On Pan
Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau

Birth of a Pannist
by Roxanne Glasgow-Pope
The 'Nursing' Pannist
Robbie Joseph

Women In Pan -
A Personal Journey

Dr. Jeannine Remy

The Steelband Movement –
A Way Forward

Dr. Dawn K. Batson

Women In Pan - A Tribute
by Crazy

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A Review
National Panorama
Finals "Live" CD

Congratulations to Pan Trinbago & WACK  90.1 FM on the release of the National Panorama Finals "Live"...

Let's make a long story real short. Simply put, this CD is one of Trinidad and Tobago's best efforts at capturing and reproducing it's great steelband music panorama competition.

Without question Trinidad and Tobago have some of the greatest steel orchestras in the world.  This CD finally presents a closer semblance/audio representation of the power, beauty, talent, genius and skills of the Trinidad and Tobago steelpan musicians, arrangers, instrument tuners and manufacturers.

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Web Posted - March 2005
When Steel Talks
Steel Pan History Special - Courtesy of Guyana Chronicle

Down Steelpan Memory Lane With Rudy Bishop
By Ruel Johnson

Guyana -  Rudy Bishop, is one of the few people who can live up the cliché, “a man of many talents”. Chin described him as “an indefatigable hustler, entrepreneur, missionary, diplomat, conductor, a veritable Steelband Moses.”

Though, as he related to Sunday Chronicle, his endeavors in the area of community development - especially his work in developing the Camptown community group - are notable in themselves, the thing that Bishop is most renowned for is his organization of the Chronicle Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. Bishop recounted how this seminal steelband came about; the trials it went through to establish itself; the heady days of success; and the subsequent decline of the band.

When the Kitty-based band called the Skylarks, managed by Rudy Bishop, split up after playing in the May 26, 1966 Independence celebrations, some of the members decided to form another band. Without a building to play in, and no suitable venue to practice at, they began to go to the seawall at the Kitty foreshore to hone their pan skills. 
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