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Women and Steel 2005


 Mrs. Merle Albino-de Coteau

Educator, arranger, musician, conductor and historian,  Mrs. Merle Albino-de Coteau is one of the most prominent and influential women in the history of the steel pan movement.  Moreover, Mrs. Albino-de Coteau represents the pioneering spirit, and is a continued inspiration and contributor to the advancement of the steelpan art form world wide.  Mrs. Albino-de Coteau's "Women's Contribution to the Steelband Movement" is required reading for all steelpan musicians and fans.

"Pan Women of Antigua Speak"

The Steelpan has always played an important part of the Antiguan music culture since its inception.  Women have and continue to play an important role in the Antigua Steelpan movement.  The island, in addition to being the home of some of the best steel orchestras in the region, sports one of the most progressive music literacy and music performance programs in the Caribbean.  This program is aggressively led by Gemonites Steel Orchestra who use the steelpan instrument as the instrument of choice for instruction and practice, particularly in theory and musicianship. Furthermore, the orchestra has developed a large contingent of female players...
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