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Women and Steel 2005


Pat Bishop is one of the most respected, influential and celebrated women in the steelpan movement.  Holder of Trinidad & Tobago's highest award -The Trinity Cross Her accomplishments are second to none.   

" I should also add that I suppose that my presence in so many panyards over the years must have rustled some masculine feathers but they have kept that a deep, dark secret from me Ė which is just as well since I donít suppose that I would have taken any notice!!" - Pat Bishop  Hear Pat Bishop in her own words.  A When Steel Talks exclusive...  A Person In Pan

Notes From A Pan-Dad  - "Why are they allowing this girl to mimic pan movements behind our glorious instrument?  As I got closer I was faced with the realization that she was not mimicking but actually playing.  And playing very well.  I approached this 'girl from Mars with total amazement.  Obviously she wasn't from Earth!" You've Come A Long Way... Baby!
The Women's Month Tribute Continues - Lots of Pictures from all over the world.

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The Pan Masters Steel Orchestra 20th Anniversary Celebrations with Guest Artiste Robert Greenidge
Maryland USA

NCB Angles Harps Presents Pan Alive 4 2005
Sunday March 27, 2005

"Moods of Pan" and Antigua; two of the very best experiences awaiting you!
November 24th - 27th 2005!!

New Show -- Pan On The Net Radio - steelpan music without compromise