Pan, Calypso and the Calypsonian
One cannot have a serious conversation about pan, and the development and history of the pan movement, without talking about the role of the first music of the steelpan - Calypso music, and of course, the Calypsonians.  Over the next few weeks WST will focus on these great griots and troubadours.
Frankie McIntosh  is one of the greatest music minds ever out of the Caribbean.  The When Steel Talks Crew went out on the road and caught a very special performance by Mr. McIntosh and Friends in concert at the Sesame Flyers Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York.
 Worlds Largest Pan
Dortmund Germany may be the home of the worlds largest steelpan.  Check out news.

New York Pan - The Good, The Bad, The Wicked
New York Pan like you've never seen or heard before.  A critical look at the inner workings of the New York pan scene.  What's going on?  What went right?  What went wrong?  Who's responsible?  and more...   From Easter to J'ouvert... coming soon...