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A Tribute to Kitchener,
our Beloved Griot
by Khalick J. Hewitt

New York - Kitchener was a simple man.  He was not charismatic as Sparrow or Duke (two other top calypsonians) but what he lacked in charisma he gained in lyrical superiority.  Kitch was a master lyricist.  He was a Griot (African storyteller) and displayed that inert quality in his many classic calypsos like: ‘Old Lady Walk a Mile’ ‘Mango Tree’ ‘The Road’ ‘Mama this is Mas’ ‘A New Born Nation’ ‘Mas in Germany’ ‘Belmont Young Gals’ ‘Pan Night & Day’ ‘Trini & Bajan’ ‘Slippery Anne’ ‘When a Man is poor’ ‘Pan in Harmony’ ‘Toco Band’ and the many beautiful gems that will remain in the halls of classic calypso for ever.  Full Story

Congratulations To Andre White of ADLIB Steel Orchestra on capturing the New Yorks male Aquarium Double Seconds Title. 

Question of the week?  Should the canopies be removed from the steelbands at panorama?

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Desperadoes Win This Round...
Bradley prevails in
Pan In the 21st Century

In an exclusive follow-up with Clive Bradley, arranger for Desperadoes, the ace musician told When Steel Talks that "in all my experience, I was never called upon to do that type of work, changing tempos and stuff.  The selection (the version I worked from) was made for that type of thing.  In the [John Legend] video, the guy is playing a piano, and there is a bass and a drum as well, and the guy is singing his ass off.  And there are only three chords in the whole tune, but the way he [John Legend] put the chords together, it suited my liking.  It was the first time I had done that type of work, and everybody seemed to be enthused.  The band did a good job." 

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