Steelpan In Japan

The majority of players in Japan are women.  Many Japanese like the sound of the steelpan.  It is my private opinion the sound of the steelpan is simular to the koto which is a Japanese traditional instrument. It's arrangement is also similar to the samisen of northeast district.  Steelpan is in its beginning stages in Japan but with the festival coming it will continue to grow.  Full Story

ご存知かもしれませんが、なぜか日本でスティールパンを演奏 しているのは、ほと どが女性です。多くの日本人はスティー ルパンの音色が好きです。私の個人的な意見ですが、この音色 は日本の伝統楽器である琴に音色が似ています。そして、東北 地方の三味線にアレンジも似ているので、日本人の遺伝子に響 く音色だと思います。Full Story

Global Steelpan Music News

New York - April 25, 2005

Global Steelpan Music News (GSMN) has quickly established itself as the online version of the "CNN" of steelpan music news - 'Steelpan news from any where in globe at a moment's notice.'  GSMN is a division of the already highly popular  website.

GSMN is one of the most important news sources for steelpan-related activities.  It's news section delivers information on a constant 24-hour basis, with it's own special events coverage and exclusive interviews.  Through it's identification of current and existing news media, it provides sustained, and up-to-the-minute coverage.  GSMN has become a favorite of steelpan music educators, and steelpan luminaries such as Robert Greenidge, Pelham Goddard, Andy Narell, Liam Teague and Clive Bradley among many others. 

The music entertainment and travel industries pay particular attention to the GSMN as its information translates directly to economic advantages and financial windfalls.  Global Steelpan Music News - GSMN ( specializes in providing historical data, current facts, figures and trivia, and also utilizes the necessary rich multi media technology in the delivery of its content. For example the recent GSMN special tribute to Women and Steelpan received high praise from the performing arts, educational, historical and cultural sectors from around the world.

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