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New York's Steelpan community expresses concern...

New York - In what has becoming a major public relations snafu - the behavior of the World Steelband Music Festival (WSMF) organizers has rubbed many New York steelpan community members the wrong way.  And this, with little over a month to go before the event, which has been the biggest "non-secret" of the year.

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Sonatas & Pantonic Live at Stage 2


When Steel Talks continues its look at Pan, Calypso and the Calypsonian.  Two of the worlds première steelband music orchestras let it all hang out in Stage 2.  The mighty Sonatas' and super-group Pantonic weigh in with top notch performances of the Mighty Sparrows "Wanted Dead or Alive" and "Jane" respectively.

click on link >> http://www.panonthenet.com/PanHouse/stage2.htm
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Crossfire Steel Orchestra Presents

The One Everyone Has Been Waiting For...

New York Pan Season Begins

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