Tribute to the Bass Players
From Gunga to Sheldon
Khalick J. Hewitt,

- As tribute is paid to the bass players I want to mention some of the popular bass players of old that I remembered. Most steelbands had one or two popular bass players.  Some steelbands, as Trinidad All Stars, had more than three.  All Stars had Spongy, Shoreland, Rupert Alexander (Horse) and Guns. Desperadoes had Gunga Din (We attended Rose Hill School together). City Symphony had Spongy (He played for both All Stars and Symphony) and City Syncopators had Russell Carter, Chubby and Ancil (We attended Rosary Boys’ School together) (He now plays for Desperadoes).  My favorite bass player was Rupert Alexander. Rupert’s distinctive style was short sticks and dancing while playing.  He would also touch the note after he hit it. It was a pleasure to see him execute his style. [full story]

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