Martin Douglas
Manager, Executive, Panist, Educator

New York - When Steel Talks continues it's exclusive series of interviews with Martin Douglas, the leader of Brooklyn-based Crossfire Steel Orchestra who visited WST studios on a cool 2004 Autumn afternoon.  This was a special year for the steel orchestra as they moved from the ranks of also-rans to contenders as they placed 5th in the hotly contested New York annual Panorama competition. [more]

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In The Spotlight
Merry Tones Steel Orchestra

 Trinidad - The Merry Tones Steel Orchestra has consistently been one of the top twenty steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago over the last two decades. Born in the early nineteen-forties in the lush rural valley of Diego Martin in northwest Trinidad, our long and colorful history bespeaks the earthy pride of a people and their simple determination to preserve and pass on to the succeeding generation, the cultural heritage that is the steelpan... more


Phase II Pan Groove
Live at the Pan House

Trinidad - The place is Phase II Pan Groove pan yard, Woodbrook, Trinidad. The date is the eve of panorama, Friday, February 21, 2004 at 4:00 AM in the morning.  When Steel Talks are invited guests of the world famous steel orchestra- Phase II Pan Groove. The band consist of 120 players. The arranger is the great one, Len Boogsie Sharpe.  Their tune of choice for this year's event is 'We Like To Play' by Mr. Sharpe.  Captured by Basement Recordings... [ ]


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