Pan Jazz 2004 at Lincoln Center A Review

Pan Jazz 2004 at Lincoln Center, New York is now one in the history books. It has passed, but it is far from over. The walls of Alice Tully Hall are still reverberating from the wealth of great pan-influenced music performances this past Sunday evening.  Moreover, the memories of the performances and significances of the supporting activities will remain and impact on the music world (whether we were there or not) for generations to come.  This is one they're going to be talking about for a very long time...

Our congratulations to Mr. Ralph k. Ramsey and Abstract Entertainment. Inc. for putting on this successful event.  And a special congratulations to the New York Steelpan fans and others who provided that massive turn out and support for the event.  You came by car, plane, bus, train, and on foot from every part of the city and globe.  You came in bunches and dressed to kill.  You were simply marvelous...

Congratulations to ADLIB, Andy Narell, Garvin Blake, Liam Teague, Arturo Tappin and the host of other great musicians who contributed heavily to the success of this show.

Over the next few days we will provide the feedback, viewpoints and analysis from the wide range of people who attended this important musical event.  Again, our congratulations to Abstract Entertainment and the show participants.

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