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Pure Poetry in Motion

Desperadoes Steelpan Bassist Great, Frank “Crawl” Findley
Killed in Car Crash

Bassist Frank “Crawl” Findley with New York D'Radoes Steel Orchestra

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Frank “Crawl” Findley was pure poetry in motion. His effortless movements hid even the most difficult passages from the eyes of the uninitiated eyes. He mesmerized, fascinated and hypnotized us with his marriage to the nine-bass from the steelpan family of instruments.

“Crawl” played the instrument like it was meant to be played. Few have ever commanded the touch and sound he elicited from the bass pan instrument. “Crawl” was one of the all–time greats. In a word – he was the artist young players were told to watch and emulate. It was a joy to watch him perform.

An active performing member of the legendary Desperadoes from since their glory years, “Crawl” is one of the original members.

Bassist Frank “Crawl” Findley with New York D'Radoes Steel Orchestra

According to one of Trinidad’s national daily newspapers – the Trinidad Express – Findley and three other members of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra were on their way to perform at a function in south Trinidad when the car they were in was rear-ended by a police vehicle. Findley, 65, died as a result of his injuries at the Chaguanas Health Centre.

Findley also played with New York’s D’Radoes Steel Orchestra during the Panorama steelband competition season.

When Steel Talks extend our sincere condolences to the Desperadoes and D’Radoes Steel Orchestra family. “Crawl” will be missed.

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