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Regrello addresses Steelpan Community
on Trinidad and Tobago G-pan allegations

Another When Steel Talks Exclusive - by Hollis Clifton

Regrello displaying bass G-pans
Regrello displaying bass G-Pans

Former minister in the previous government administration Junia Regrello called a press conference today, in response to allegations made by Trinidad and Tobago’s Attorney General Anand Ramlogan last Friday, and notification that the Government proposes taking legal action against G-pan inventor Professor Brian Copeland and three associates for profiting from sales of the G-pan.   According to the Patent application publication on file, the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago government is listed as the assignee. Copeland is a director of the Panadigm Innovation Ltd Company (PIL) which was incorporated to facilitate the commercialization of the G-pan.  Regrello resigned from the company in 2007.

Junia Regrello at press conference
Junia Regrello at press conference

In the press conference held at his San Fernando west constituency office Regrello said, and released the following as his official statement:-

“In April of 2006, Professor Brian Copeland and I were requested by the Prime Minister to address some of the issues such as the limitations and other such challenges facing the Steel Pan industry. Out of those concerns, the Genesis Pan or G-Pan was conceptualized.

Its prime objective was to firmly entrench Trinidad and Tobago as the unquestionable leader in the global steel pan industry, while ensuring that the innovation in the technology of steel pan preparation spanned all critical aspects of the physical instrument including shape, form, ergonomics and materials.

Panadigm: was formed as a vehicle for managing all of the intellectual property issues arising. The company’s main objective was to provide the productive capacity that enabled a viable steel pan industry through professional engineering and technical works supported by relevant research and development activity.

The G Pans were officially launched on July 14th 2007 at the University of the West Indies.  Our responsibility at the time was to outfit the National Steel Symphony Orchestra with a complete set of G-pans which we were unable to do due to insufficient instruments, as tuning and other technicalities impacted the outcome. It was only possible to complete the pans for the NSSO (National Symphony Steel Orchestra) in 2008, one year after the launch.

By letter dated December 6, 2007, I tendered my resignation from the company, Panadigm, stating my success at the polls and appointment to a position in Government as the reason. I continued to lend support due to my interest in this project.

I have never charged nor received any remuneration from Panadigm.

To my knowledge, no G-pans have been sold locally or internationally to this date.

I have served on State boards, as an Alderman at the San Fernando City Corporation and Member of Parliament. I have represented and continue to represent this country with pride and dignity as a practitioner of the art form.

G-pans at Skiffle Bunch Pan Theatre
G-Pans at Skiffle Bunch Pan Theatre

For my entire life, I have been involved in the steelband fraternity as a player, tutor and administrator at first, being guided and now guiding young people on a daily basis. As a Cultural Activist, I can assure you that contributing to the development of the steelband movement can only be described as ‘a labour of love.’”

The pan aficionado then opened the floor to a barrage of questions from the various media houses gathered.

Edited by When Steel Talks

Images supplied by Hollis Clifton


by Hollis Clifton
Pan Diaspora Visionary


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