“Thwaites Brothers” take the Steelpan on Tour to Indonesia, Jordan, Israel, North Africa and the Mid East with Nasheed Hip Hop Group “Native Deen”

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Shawn Thwaites
Shawn Thwaites

Indonesia - It would be an understatement to say that the Thwaites Brothers are actively promoting steel pan all across the globe. Better, they’re sweetening the planet with Pan!  As musicians within Native Deen, they have performed in eleven (11) countries, three (3) continents and eighteen (18) cities since the beginning of 2011.

Shawn Thwaites and Sherwin Thwaites
Sherwin Thwaites & Shawn Thwaites

"Native Deen" - Joshua Salaam, Abdul Malik and Naeem Mohammed are three Muslim-born Americans who spread the message of Allah through hip hop music.  The band’s mission is to change the perception of Muslims in the media. The goal is to enlighten and show the positive in the religion.  The group has been in existence since 2000.  They have released three CDs and one DVD. Their latest album The Remedy is available on iTunes and at Nativedeen.com.

Shawn Thwaites (Pan), Sherwin Thwaites (Pan, percussion, keyboard, MPC) and Tariq Snare (drums) make up the rest of the band.  Sheldon Thwaites (drums) has also performed with Native Deen when available.

This tour, the band is traveling on behalf of the United States Embassy.  “We travel as cultural ambassadors, for Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton” explains Sherwin Thwaites.

Native Deen
Native Deen

The band gets to collaborate with many of the local musicians and celebs during the tours. And in regards, the Pan has touched and astonished many people globally who have never seen or heard the instrument.

“Like the instrument (Pan) we come from humble beginnings and are blessed to be able to see the world because of Pan,” says Shawn Thwaites.

Native Deen - Thwaites  -camel
Thwaites on tour

Sherwin and Shawn continue to tour with Native Deen, while Sheldon performs and tours with Walter Beasley and Amel Larrieux.

Also look out for their untitled first release in 2012.

From the news desk of The Thwaites on tour

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