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“The Bradley Years”

The Bradley Years represent the definitive collection of steelband music arrangements and performances for a large steel orchestra. This collection showcases seven classic arrangements from the master arranger Clive Bradley.  Bradley is considered to be the best steelband music arranger ever by many, including his peers.  In addition, the arrangements are performed by one of the finest steelbands in the world, New York’s Pantonic Steel Orchestra. Clive Bradley had a very special relationship with Pantonic.  This orchestra clinched the title of panorama champions five times in seven years - performing Bradley’s musical works.  The performances were captured by Basement Recordings days before, and in one instance, mere moments before they took the stage for the prestigious annual steelband music panorama competition. 

The recordings capture, reproduce and present an unrivalled clarity with sonic realism, of a large steel orchestra fielding between one hundred and one hundred twenty musicians - unlike any other steelband music recordings in its class.

This body of musical work is a sterling addition for all fans, educators, players, historians and fine music collectors.
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Simply one of the greatest steelband recordings to date! 
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- Clive Bradley the Master at Work -

Very Sweet Pan Music
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Addresses of Panorama Steelband Panyards Trinidad and Tobago Carnival
Trinidad and Tobago

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 Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Panorama and Carnival Schedule 2018

Carnival and Panorama 2018

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Complete Trinidad and Tobago 2018 National Panorama competition schedule. All rounds - preliminary, semi-finals and finals.
see complete schedule

Web Posted - Sunday December 31, 2017
When Steel Talks

Melton S. Mustafa and “Pazz”
Remembering his impact on Pan
Melton S. Mustafa
by Dr. Dawn Batson

Global - Across the world are stellar persons who quietly and with great dedication move the pan movement forward. Melton S. Mustafa was one such person.

He left the road to join a small group of musician/educators including myself at Florida Memorial College (later Florida Memorial University) in 1996.

....From the first day of our first semester Melton embraced the pan. He did not regard it (as sadly so many do) as a novelty to be enjoyed and then ignored. As pan majors grew in number, he used the instrument as an integral part of the jazz band. 
read more

Web Posted - Sunday December 31, 2017
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2018
‘Pan Gone Soca’
sung by “De Panman”

Carl “De Panman” Richards

Global - Carl Richards a.k.a. “De Panman” is an ace double second pan player based in Antigua.

....In 2000 he launched his calypso career and was an instant hit, making the finals in Antigua & Barbuda.

For the 2018 Panorama season “De Panman” presents this track, “Pan Gone Soca.”
listen to tune

Web Posted - Friday December 29, 2017
When Steel Talks

WST Steelband Panorama 2018 logo
Pan Trinbago celebrates 55 Years of Steelband Panorama

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Bands in the Northern Region of Trinidad will kick off the 2018 National Panorama Single Pan Competition (qualifying round) on Thursday January 4, 2018 at the bands’ respective pan yards/communities.

Twenty-seven Single Pan Bands will perform their respective tune of choice before the adjudicators over a period of three days i.e. January 4, 5 and 6, commencing at 7:00 p.m. nightly.

Come Sunday January 7 and Monday January 8, twenty-two bands in the country’s Eastern Region will compete, while the thirteen bands in South/Central will have their moment of glory on January 9 and 10. Sister isle Tobago’s four bands will conclude the preliminary round on Thursday January 11.
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday December 26, 2017
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2018
sung by “Sugar Aloes”

Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osuna

Global - “Sugar Aloes” a.k.a. Michael Anthony Osouna, is a prominent calypsonian hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. Singing local hits such as ‘Party Time’ and parang favorite ‘Juanita,’ Aloes has amassed a fan base of at least three generations of Trinbagonians and calypso lovers.

For the 2018 steelband Panorama season Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osouna has composed and performs ‘Finally,’ a tribute to the late legendary calypsonian, Lord Kitchener.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Tuesday December 26, 2017
When Steel Talks

A Look at 2017 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Through the WST Forum Posts of S.F. Thomas aka “Big Sid”

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - ....Trinidad steelband panorama, from its founding, was set up as a genius-vs-genius, who-better-than-who, kind of contest. Where else in the world has such a format persisted, I wonder? So I doubt very much that Boogsie's inclination is to be complacent. Even with all the laurels, genius has a way of calling attention to itself, and sometimes positively to seek it. The very name of his band -- Phase II -- calls attention to something new and avant garde. All these many years later, Boogsie's genius calls attention to itself, even if now, older and wiser, Boogsie projects a mellowed humility.
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Web Posted - Tuesday December 19, 2017
When Steel Talks

Homegrown concert featuring Talent of CASYM and Steel Sensation Steel Orchestras
CASYM Steel Orchestra performs at the Homegrown concert, November 2017

New York, USA - New York steel orchestra fixtures CASYM and Steel Sensation came together to co-produce an event called “Homegrown.” As the title so aptly suggests the event highlighted, promoted, and supported homegrown talent which have come through the ranks of these two distinguished NY music organizations.

On this occasion, on display - the arranging prowess of the up-and-coming steel orchestra arrangers Lance Maximum for CASYM and Tristan Brewington-Japsi for Steel Sensation. In short, the mission was clear - a continued investment in their own homegrown talent, their organizations, their future and continuing growth of the of the art-form through youth.
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Web Posted - Tuesday December 19, 2017
When Steel Talks

USSA Holds Public General Meeting - Agenda Set - Marching Orders Given... Expediency, Urgency and Contracts now the Name of the Game
New York Pan ‘Woke’?

New York, USA - It’s a week before Christmas and for two weeks now California has been burning. Literally. In addition, there was a major power outage in Atlanta at the world’s busiest airport and transfer hubs, during one of the most challenging travel times of the year. Strange movements in the forces that govern nature indeed. But it is the rumblings and disturbance in the underbelly of the Brooklyn, New York steelband community that have been creating an undeniable seismic change in the “Force” felt by all NY Pan people since this past fall.

And so it is in this regard and environment, that on December 18, 2017, USSA (United States Steelband Association) held its first meeting open to the public since the newly-elected USSA executive board has been in place. Of course as to be expected the topic of Panorama consumed a lot of the oxygen in the room. However, the meeting did not devolve into an uncontrollable, raging fire, self-consuming any and everything in its path with no logic or direction.
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Web Posted - Tuesday December 19, 2017
Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Angostura sponsors champion steelband

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - President of Pan Trinbago and the executives of Pan Trinbago were in high spirits last Thursday evening when they attended the official announcement of Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony acquiring sponsorship from Angostura. The steelband organisation was victorious earlier in the day in its legal challenge against the National Carnival Commission (NCC) withholding funds from Pan Trinbago.

For the reigning National Panorama (Single Pan) champion it was also a happy occasion as when Angostura previously sponsored Playboys (then Woodbrook Playboyz) the band won its first title.
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Web Posted - Monday December 18, 2017
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2018
‘The Best Crime Plan’
sung by Errol Ballantyne

Errol “Bally” Ballantyne

Global - Belmont-born but now residing in Trincity, east Trinidad, performing artist Errol “Bally” Ballantyne began singing in 1983. Also a composer, he placed second in Trinidad & Tobago’s 1985 Road March competition with “Me ‘Ent Fighting.” He copped the Young King crown in 1987 with “Party Time” and “The Magicians.”

For the 2018 steelband Panorama season Errol Ballantyne has composed and performs “The Best Crime Plan.”
listen to tune

Web Posted - Sunday December 17, 2017
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2018
‘The Party Nice’
sung by Elva King

2018 Pan Tune logo

Global - For the 2018 steelband Panorama season Elva King is the vocalist of choice for this track, ‘The Party Nice.’

It is written by composer and panist Hayden Lynch who began playing in a steelband when he was just nine.

In the last few years Lynch has penned several pieces including 2011’s ‘Children You Must Love Your Mother.’
listen to tune

Web Posted - Friday December 15, 2017
Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Pan returning to the carnival fete scene

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In addition to being “a nice way to highlight the steelpan at a different level,” Paninclusive—Pan Lime in D City, presented by Epic Events & Marketing Solutions, is offering a scholarship for a young pan musician to study music at the tertiary level in T&T.

“This year’s recipient will be a member of reigning Panorama champion Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra,” said Joanne Phillips, spokesperson for Epic Events & Marketing Solutions.

....About Paninclusive, Phillips said she believed there was a market for the type of event, “where many pan enthusiasts can enjoy an evening of pan music, in a classy and elegant way, using the same elements of an all-inclusive party, where one can enjoy great ambiance, great food, great drinks and great friends.

....“Our guests can expect the best of pan,” said Phillips. “What we would call pan royalty. We will welcome our guests with the sounds of Caribbean Airlines Invaders, a band that perfects sound, as well as presentation. Guests will then be treated to an on-stage performance by our reigning Panorama champion, Massy Trinidad All Stars; then we will chip home to the music of Angostura Woodbrook Playboyz. Pan will be well-represented at Paninclusive.”
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Web Posted - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Binghamton Steel Drum Band has taught students Caribbean music for 18 years

Joel Smales, director of the Juice Blenders Steel Drum Band at Binghamton High School often chooses not to conduct, but join in with the band.

Binghamton, New York, USA - A couple years after Joel Smales heard Ithaca College's Steel Band, he bought a steel pan of his own to play along with Binghamton High School's Jazz Ensemble.

"Everybody loved it," said Smales, a music teacher at the school. "I got some old drums, and from there, it kind of blossomed and took off."

Soon, Smales secured a grant to purchase a few old steel pans for the school, and the Steel Drum Band was formed in 1999.

At the start, the ensemble had just six members.

The band, now known as The Binghamton High School Juice Blenders Steel Drum Band, currently has about 30 students.
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Web Posted - Monday December 11, 2017
When Steel Talks

Ignorance - The Mighty
Jamma - Story in Song on Challenges Faced Promoting the Steelband

Mighty Jamma and Edwin “King Crazy” Ayoung

England, U.K. - “This is a true story about the Mighty Jamma of England, and the trials and tribulations that he went through promoting the Steeldrum from Trinidad and Tobago.”
listen to track

Web Posted - Sunday December 10, 2017
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2018
‘Roll Up On It’
sung by Jimmy Chambers

Jimmy Chambers

Global - Born in the Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), Jimmy Chambers traveled to England with great expectations of being a successful singer and has since realised that ambition.

....In 2012 Jimmy Chambers wrote songs for the steelband Panorama – including Underdog, also for J’Ouvert....

For the upcoming [2018] Panorama season Jimmy is back with a musical invitation to Roll Up On It.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Friday December 8, 2017
Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Despers moves house again

Members of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra on location at the old Government Printery site at Tragarete Road, Port of Spain, yesterday.

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Desperadoes Steel Orchestra is on the move again. On Monday members of the steelband moved onto the former grounds of the Government Printery at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Tragarete Road, Port of Spain.

The band’s assistant manager Martin Caine said, “We moved in on Monday morning to inspect the grounds before we started cleaning. Most of the pan racks are already on location on a paved area on the eastern end. It will take some doing to get the site ready, but we will be going all out.”

Caine said since the band left Frederick Street earlier this year, it had been at Jerningham Avenue in Belmont, on the grounds of the former Ideal High School.
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Web Posted - Thursday December 7, 2017
The Hamilton Spectator

Luckystickz is more than just ‘that steel pan guy’

Steelpan virtuoso Dejehan Hamilton performs under the name LuckystickzOntario, Canada - Dejehan Hamilton broke new ground five years ago by becoming one of the first students at Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music to claim the steel pan as his principal instrument.

Now, Hamilton — born and raised in the north end of the city that shares his name — is breaking new ground by mixing his virtuosity on the chrome-plated Caribbean drum with his love for contemporary R&B.

After graduating in 2016 with a four-year degree from Berklee, Hamilton returned home, performing his unique blend of soul, Soca, R&B and reggae under the stage name Luckystickz.

At first, he worried that he'd become known as "that steel pan guy" instead of a contemporary pop artist. But Hamilton soon learned to embrace the quirkiness of his chosen instrument.

"I wanted to be my own guy, an artist who happens to play steel pan," Hamilton, 24, says between mouthfuls of chocolate cake and sips on a mango/orange drink at the Mulberry Café on James Street North.
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Web Posted -  September, 2017
When Steel Talks

The Ugly, The Uglier and The Ugliest - New York Panorama 2017
tag words for 2017 NY Panorama: Embarrassing, Shameful, Thoughtless, Bandits

Emperor Star Wars

New York, USA - Well if you haven’t heard already, New York's 2017 Panorama Steel Orchestra competition was an epic failure for most. Unless you were the show’s promoters - who got away as bandits in the night - except it was a broad daylight-mugging with everyone watching. Calling the promoters “bandits” is really a description 'upgrade’ as they have been known as the original Evil Empire to the Brooklyn Steelband community for decades.

So in this regard, let’s cut the crap! And the fake news from those who are spreading alternative facts, about how great New York 2017 Panorama was. In reality it was jacked up.
read more

Web Posted
When Steel Talks

WST Steelband Panorama 2017 logo
2017 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Review - the Good, Bad and Ugly

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The 2017 Trinidad and Tobago Panorama season—and by extension the Carnival season—was a tumultuous one that was overflowing with enough drama, intrigue, passion and controversy to field a season of Scandal, Empire or Game of Thrones. But in the end there was the music. An abundance of great music created by the finest arrangers, and outstanding performances delivered by the best steel orchestras in the world.

Two songs captured the imagination of Trinidad and Tobago for this 2017 Panorama and Carnival season - “Full Extreme” by Ultimate Rejects and “Good Morning” by Peter Ram. In fact, “Good Morning” became sort of the de-facto “test piece” as no other tune of choice has endeared itself to the steel orchestras as much in recent times. However, on closer inspection Bunji Garlin & Machel Montano’s “Buss Head” or Crazy’s “Gee Gee Ree” would be apropos to telling the complete Panorama season’s story.
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Web Posted
When Steel Talks

Early Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands Names Associated with Hollywood Movies

Global - Within the historical context, a look at the impact of American movies on the naming of early steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago.
read more

Web Posted
When Steel Talks

WST Steelband Panorama 2017 logo
 Complete Summary of Results of all Conventional Steel Orchestras - 2017 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - At a glance and on a single page, access the comprehensive summary of results for the Small, Medium and Large conventional steel orchestras participating in their respective categories in the 2017 Panorama.

Follow the musical journey of respective bands through all three phases - preliminaries, semi-finals and finals through data on band info, scores, tunes of choice and arrangers.
access full summary here

WST Steelband Panorama 2017 logo

 Tunes of Choice - Trinidad & Tobago Steelband Panorama 2017

Tunes of Choice for Steelband Panorama 2017

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - A unique playlist featuring only the music selected as Tunes of Choice for the Trinidad and Tobago 2017 Steelband Panorama and Carnival.
listen to playlist

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Web Posted -
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