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NY Panyard 2004 DVD

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“Tonic Gems”

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 from Pantonic Steel Orchestra

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“The Bradley Years”

The Bradley Years represent the definitive collection of steelband music arrangements and performances for a large steel orchestra. This collection showcases seven classic arrangements from the master arranger Clive Bradley.  Bradley is considered to be the best steelband music arranger ever by many, including his peers.  In addition, the arrangements are performed by one of the finest steelbands in the world, New York’s Pantonic Steel Orchestra. Clive Bradley had a very special relationship with Pantonic.  This orchestra clinched the title of panorama champions five times in seven years - performing Bradley’s musical works.  The performances were captured by Basement Recordings days before, and in one instance, mere moments before they took the stage for the prestigious annual steelband music panorama competition. 

The recordings capture, reproduce and present an unrivalled clarity with sonic realism, of a large steel orchestra fielding between one hundred and one hundred twenty musicians - unlike any other steelband music recordings in its class.

This body of musical work is a sterling addition for all fans, educators, players, historians and fine music collectors.
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Pan in New York CD and DVD available here

“CD Samples”
 Pan in New York 2009

Global - Experience the beauty of the steelpan instrument through the two latest CD releases from Basement Recordings.  Three-minute samples from the Pan In New York 2009 CDs - of both regular and slow tempo performances - are being featured.  Content is being added, so keep checking regularly.   Both “Pan In New York 2009,” and “Pan In New York 2009 - The Cooldown Versions” are a continuation of the Pan-4-Life series from Basement Recordings.
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Simply one of the greatest steelband recordings to date! 
A collector’s item...


- Clive Bradley the Master at Work -

Very Sweet Pan Music
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Addresses of Panorama Steelband Panyards Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2015
Trinidad and Tobago

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WST Steelband Panorama 2017 logo

 Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Panorama and Carnival Schedule 2017

Carnival and Panorama 2017

Trinidad & Tobago - Complete Trinidad and Tobago 2017 National Panorama competition schedule. All rounds - preliminary, semi-finals and finals.

watch complete scheduled

Web Posted - Friday October 21, 2016
When Steel Talks

 A Brooklyn J'Ouvert pic like no other before
Plotagraph Pro impresses at PhotoPlus Expo 2016

George RedHawk aninmates WST J'Ouvert picture

New York, USA -

A Brooklyn J'Ouvert pic like no other before - take a look -
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Web Posted - Friday October 21, 2016
When Steel Talks

 Carnival & Steelband Images, and Plotagraph Pro: A Perfect Match
Plotagraph Pro impresses at PhotoPlus Expo 2016

George RedHawk at PhotoPlus 2016 showcasing the Plotagraph Pro software - the image is actually animated

New York, USA - There are few events that are as vibrant, colorful, culturally transcending and historically relevant on a global scale, like the elements of Carnival (Costumes, Live Performances, Steelband & Music). Capturing these essential elements through still images has always been a critical and crucial aspect in preserving the showcasing of the storytelling and human components of those practicing these art forms.

And - our WST (When Steel Talks) pick of the ‘must-have’ on the technology list this year at the PhotoPlus Expo 2016 is the software Plotagraph Pro, without a doubt.

....The folks at Plotagraph have found a way to efficiently and successfully, bring animation to still images in a big way.
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday October 18, 2016
Green Bay Press-Gazzette 

 Steel pan, harp duo Pangelic plays Birch Creek benefit

The Pangelic Duo — steel pan drummer Liam Teague and harpist Faye Seeman

Wisconsin, USA - The Pangelic Duo — steel pan drummer Liam Teague and harpist Faye Seeman — takes the stage for Birch Creek Music Performance Center's annual Fall Benefit gala concert Oct. 22. The concert includes heavy hors d’oeuvres, light desserts and a cash bar.

Teague and Seeman are longtime Birch Creek faculty members who together offer audiences a fresh blend of sounds rarely heard in the world of music. This unique duo steps outside conventional boundaries by playing original compositions, jazz standards and classics with improvisation arranged to complement each instrument.

Steel pan virtuoso Teague, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, is head of steel pan studies at Northern Illinois University as well as steel band director at Birch Creek. Called "the Paganini of the steel pan," he has played with symphony orchestras, percussion ensembles and other varied music groups around the world."
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Web Posted - Tuesday October 18, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘Mystery Writer’
sung by “The Original DeFosto Himself”

Winston Scarborough aka “The Original DeFosto Himself”

Global - Winston Scarborough aka “The Original DeFosto Himself” usually writes and records a few tracks each Panorama season, and 2017 is no different.  He has already released ‘Champions’ and is back here with another offering, called “Mystery Writer.”
listen to tune

Web Posted - Monday October 17, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘55 On 100’
sung by “LucratiV”

Joel “LucratiV” Joseph

Global - Having played the steelpan at a much earlier age, Joel “LucratiV” Joseph is determined to represent his culture while incorporating, integrating and maintaining his own style while assisting in nourishing ‘the party atmosphere’ throughout each year including the carnival season. While ‘Keeping it 100’ with his creative and futuristic ideas, “LucratiV” hopes to create his own world through music in which his audience can inhabit, escaping the negative elements hindering their deserved happiness and enjoyment. His track for the 2017 Panorama and Carnival season “55 On 100” featured here, exemplifies into his vision.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Saturday October 15, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘Pan Up There’
sung by “Crazy”

Edwin “Crazy” Young

Global - Edwin Ayoung or “Calypso Crazy” is one of the hardest working vocalists when Trinidad & Tobago’s annual Panorama and Carnival season rolls around.  This is his third feature, which he also co-wrote with Steve “GospelPan” Reid.

Making sweet pan music with the angels on high is the concept in this track, Pan Up There, which also showcases Earl Brooks, Sr. on pan.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Friday October 14, 2015
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘Pan Kingdom’
sung by Anslem Douglas

Anslem Douglas

Global - Top vocalist Anslem Douglas is on course for another busy season for Panorama. He's been in studio already for We Are Conquerors.  Right on its heels, fans of Douglas can take in more of his talent during the 2017 Panorama on the track featured here,  Pan Kingdom.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Thursday October 13, 2016
Chicago Tribune

 Oak Park steel drum students show support for Cubs with music video

The Hatch Elementary School Steel Drum Band performed a version of "Go Cubs Go" on Oct. 7 to support the Chicago Cubs during their postseason run

Chicago, USA - During what could be a magical season for the Chicago Cubs, the students of one Oak Park school are sending their support to the team through a music video.

Hatch Elementary School's steel drum band, which is made up of 80 fourth- and fifth-grade students, created their own "Go, Cubs, Go" music video to cheer the team on during the postseason.

....While not common amongst schools in Illinois, Jacobson founded the school's Conga Club five years ago. One year later, the group acquired some steel drums and was renamed the Steel Drum Band.

"I caught wind that there were some instruments that the school hadn't used in a while, and I kind of made it my business to start work on the steel band," Jacobson said. "We started out with six kids. We started using the steel drums in the music program, and the band started to grow."
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Web Posted - Wednesday October 12, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘National Panthem’
sung by Tellison “Tello” Forde

Tellison “Tello” Forde

Global - He is well-known within the steelband community for compositions such as I Is On Rock of Laventi, Prophet of Pan and Coye: Pan Religion, among others.

For the 2017 “Tello” is back with National Panthem featured here.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Tuesday October 11, 2015
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘We Are Conquerors’
sung by Anslem Douglas

Anslem Douglas

Global - Top vocalist Anslem Douglas lends his vocal talents to We Are Conquerors the track featured here, for the 2017 Panorama season. Last year music lovers were able to enjoy his work on Soca Have Dem So, Sweet Lime Energy and Nostalgia.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Monday October 10, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘I Come Out To Fete’
sung by Sharlan Bailey aka “Dreadwizard”

Artwork for "I Come Out To Fete" performed by Sharlan Bailey aka "Dreadwizard"

Global - Sharlan Bailey, also known as the “Dreadwizard” has a 2017 offering for the Panorama and Carnival season titled ‘I Come Out To Fete.’ His first experience in music was learning the pan instrument as a child from his deceased brother Rudolph Dyer who was a committed pan man. He has never looked back since.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Saturday October 8, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘Gee Gee Ree’
sung by “Crazy”

Edwin “Crazy” Young

Global - Edwin Ayoung or “Calypso Crazy” as he is known to many is a prolific performer and composer, and can usually be heard on several tracks for any given Panorama and Carnival season.  2017 is turning out to be no different.

Here, Ayoung lends his unique vocals to - Gee Gee Ree.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Saturday October 8, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
sung by “The Original DeFosto Himself”

Winston Scarborough aka “The Original DeFosto Himself”

Global - Winston Scarborough is considered by many to be one of the all-time great composers of steelband ‘Panorama tunes.’

A performer artist himself, 2017 will mark the 39th year that Trinidad & Tobago’s Winston Scarborough (The Original DeFosto Himself - as he loves to be called) has been singing calypsos.

For the 2017 steelband Panorama season “DeFosto” is back with the track ‘Champions.’
listen to tune

Web Posted - Thursday October 6, 2016
When Steel Talks

   Meet Matthew Cox - Desperadoes Elder, Panist, Mas Designer & Percussionist - UpClose!

Matthew Cox

Global - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, Desperadoes Steel Orchestra elder statesman, Matthew Cox, speaks on this legendary and world-renowned music organization from Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition, Cox gives insight into the deep impact of the Desperadoes franchise on New York Pan and the world. Now, his mission is to bring Mas back, and as a result, the Carnival presentation component of the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra music organization, through Mas ‘on the road.’
read more, see interview

Web Posted - Sunday October 2, 2016
Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Cordettes’ pan music legacy

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Cordettes Steel Orchestra may be an unsponsored outfit, but it remains an institution in the eastern district of Sangre Grande.

Established around 1962, the band has held its own as an ensemble, having made it to the finals of the medium conventional band category of the National Panorama competition on 15 occasions, its last appearance being in 2012 with the Philmore/ Loquan/Destra composition, “Vibes”, a piece arranged by Anders Kappel Ovre.

....Four years ago, the band joined forces with what was then known as the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism (now the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts) to launch a “Music Schools In the Panyard” project.

The hugely successful initiative provided music literacy to young people in varying age groups and has produced over 200 graduates thus far.
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Web Posted - Friday September 30, 2016
The Huffington Post

Re-Percussions! The Steel Drum Beats Goes On to Africa!

Bowie Sonnie Bowei - Steelpan in Africa

Nigeria, Africa - Re-Percussions: Our African Odyssey, award-winning Trinidadian film-maker Kim Johnson’s contribution to this year’s Caribbean Tales International Film Festival in Toronto, is a documentary masterpiece focused on Nigerian Chief Bowie Sonnie Bowei’s journey to introduce and popularize steel drum, the musical instrument known as Pan, throughout his native Nigeria and across the African continent.

....“I feel destined to carry out the Pan movement in Africa, not just Nigeria,” he declares.

Bowei’s introduction to Pan had more a prosaic origin: as a young soldier in the Nigerian Army’s steel band, which played old-style tunes on unimproved old pans. “Soldiers follow orders, and that’s how we played in the Nigerian Army Steel Band,” he explains. From 1977 to 2001, the Nigerian Army Steel Band was also Nigeria’s only one, with stale musical offerings that inspired no one.

For Bowei, however, the story does not end there. By following Pan to Trinidad, he sees at firsthand the enormous possibilities, beginning with bands of 120 panists who produced music of a grandeur and intensity entirely lacking in Nigeria’s nine-man outfit.
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Web Posted - Thursday September 29, 2016
When Steel Talks

   CrossFire Steel Orchestra - “Scene” - Tempo Version - NY Panorama 2016 - Panyard Recordings

Crossfire Steel ORchestra

New York, USA - Basement captures CrossFire Steel Orchestra from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a couple of nights before Panorama in their New York panyard. CrossFire took the stage with 85 players. Kendall Williams is the arranger. Tune of choice is “Scene” - This is the ‘tempo’ version.
click to watch & listen

Web Posted - Wednesday September 28, 2016
When Steel Talks

   Meet Tristan Brewington-Japsi - Panist, Arranger & Percussionist - UpClose!

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, panist extraordinaire Tristan Brewington-Japsi speaks on his love of the steelpan instrument and how it has impacted his musical life and future

Tristan Brewington-Japsi

New York, USA - Tristan; he is a valued member of Steel Sensation, ADLIB Steel Orchestra, and Supernovas Steel Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago. He is quiet and unassuming but don’t let that fool you. He is loaded with talent, natural ability and intellect.

He is a natural. As the son of Ian Japsi, well-known New York-based drummer and band leader of Steel Sensation - Tristan has always been around the steelpan instrument. Most recently with the inspiration of his second cousin, Amrit Samaroo, Tristan has successfully turned his focus on arranging. Already an accomplished and respected player versed in several of the instruments in the steel orchestra family, he has his sights set on a future in music education. Among his many accomplishments, Tristan is the first person to play a steelpan instrument within the confines of a New York school marching band.
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Web Posted - Monday September 26, 2016
When Steel Talks

Song for Panorama 2017
‘Oh God, Oh God’
sung by “Crazy”

Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung

Global - Leading the pack as always, Edwin Ayoung or “Calypso Crazy” as he is known to many - is on the musical track for 2017 with a team of musicians, including legendary co-writer Winsford Devine, and arrangers Junior “Ibo” Joseph and Lenny Hadaway.

Sure to be just one of several tracks on which his voice will be heard for the upcoming music season, Ayoung, a music veteran, is a globally-renowned performing artist and composer.

Here, his vocal talents bring to life melodically - Oh God, Oh God.
listen to tune

Web Posted - Saturday September 24, 2016
Suffolk News Herald

A beautiful noise

    Mosaic Steel Orchestra students performed at the inaugural International Panorama in Trinidad and Tobago last August

Virginia, USA - The sound of rhythmic clanking reverberated off the walls of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts on Tuesday evening. Opening the door to the source of the noise revealed a room full of children hammering away at concave silver contraptions.

A dread-headed black man was hunched over a student as he motioned what areas of the instrument, referred to as a steelpan, to hit to get a desired sound. Seemingly unfazed by the noise, in the corner of the room, parents attended to their reading and conversations.

“I enjoy the sound,” said James McCullough Jr., one of the parents in attendance. “It is relaxing. It helps the kids and me to relax.”
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Web Posted - Friday September 23, 2016
When Steel Talks

   Leon “Foster” Thomas and Crew Live at Club Bonafide - a Total “Metamorphosis”

The ‘eyes’ tell the story of an outstanding performance by panist

New York, USA - Leon “Foster” Thomas is the consummate artist. He has and continues to deliver the trifecta of the performing arts (create, perform and record) with distinction.

Earlier this year Thomas released his latest musical creation, the CD Metamorphosis, to rave reviews. This past weekend, WST (When Steel Talks) got an opportunity to experience a live hearing of some of the tracks from Metamorphosis as Thomas performed at Club Bonafide in New York. If you were present, you were treated to one of those special moments that top-class musicians both experience themselves, while simultaneously creating an enclave that can only be described as ‘magical.’ The musicians were entertaining each other, and by default the audience was brought into these sometimes deeply personal, extraordinary conversational pieces, that were filled with intimate introspective expression.
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Web Posted - Thursday September 22, 2016

Bristol-Trinidad duo Jus Now created the ultimate sample library of Caribbean percussion

Global - Jus Now are the product of what happens when two dance music fans – Sam Interface from Bristol and Lazer Beam from Trinidad – unite to innovate Caribbean dance music. For their sophomore EP, Alone, the DJ-production duo helped to develop the first-ever in-depth sample library of Trinidad and Tobago-style percussion that usually accompanies steel pans. They drive the sounds you mentally conjure when someone mentions Crop Over, Caribana, Notting Hill Carnival and, especially in this case, J’Ouvert.

Jus Now teamed with Indigisounds, a comprehensive steel pan sample library, to build this percussion sound database of 3500 instruments. They named it Laventille Rhythm Section after a 30-piece percussion group (or “engine room”) from Trinidad & Tobago whose style is both primordial and innovative.
read more

Web Posted - Thursday September 22, 2016
When Steel Talks

   The cultural expression of a people - Despers USA - “Different Me” - In Pictures

Panyard Recording

A Despers USA Steel Orchestra musician during the band’s 2016 recording session

New York, USA - WST pan-photographer CP captures the mighty tribe called “Despers USA” in pictures just a couple of days before the NY Panorama competition during their live 2016 panyard recording session. They are one of Brooklyn, New York's finest steel orchestras.

For over 30 years Despers USA which hails from Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights has been a musical treasure and performing arts fixture in the Brooklyn community. This year Despers USA performed an Odie Franklin-arrangement of “Different Me”. 100 Despers USA players took the stage for Panorama 2016. Listen to the Despers USA franchise moving to the mantra “Nobody Badda Than We” while filling the Brooklyn Summer nights with the music of the people and art of the community.

Click to watch recording

Click to experience the event in pictures

When Steel Talks

Steelband Music Panorama Info & Results of Trinidad and Tobago - 2016

When Steel Talks' 2016 Panorama logoTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - All rounds - all categories at a glance... Large, Medium, Small, Junior and Single Pan Band.

Complete info and results for Trinidad and Tobago's Steelband Panorama 2016.  Check out the background story on some of your favorite steel orchestras and their arrangers, what selections they played, and more.
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Trinidad and Tobago Soca Tunes for
2016 Carnival

Listen to a playlist of Trinidad and Tobago 2016 Soca tunes for Carnival.
listen to list

Web Posted
When Steel Talks


Great Steelpan Events

Global  - Upcoming Steelpan music events from all over the world
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Web Posted
When Steel Talks - Special

Champion Panorama Tunes of Trinidad and Tobago

Panorama Champion TunesGlobal - A critical component to winning any panorama competition is the song the orchestras choose to use as the basis of their panorama arrangements. Over the years these songs have inspired classic panorama arrangements. When Steel Talks invites you to take a look at and listen to, these famed tunes which have played more than just a cursory part in the history of Pan, and the lives of the players and fans.
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Web Posted
When Steel Talks

When Steel Talks Steelband Music Message Board is Open
on the Ning Network

Some of the most important, controversial, thought-provoking and enlightening discussions on the steelpan instrument, music and culture worldwide, have taken place over the years on the When Steel Talks “Message board.”  Considered by many to be a lightening-rod for change in the steelpan music community, the WST message board  has provided a means unlike any for steelpan enthusiasts to share information and communicate ideas.

Windows MSN Groups has informed us that they are shutting down their groups service as of February 21, 2009.  You can now find the When Steel Talks Group at 
We look forward to you joining us.


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