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“The Bradley Years”

The Bradley Years represent the definitive collection of steelband music arrangements and performances for a large steel orchestra. This collection showcases seven classic arrangements from the master arranger Clive Bradley.  Bradley is considered to be the best steelband music arranger ever by many, including his peers.  In addition, the arrangements are performed by one of the finest steelbands in the world, New York’s Pantonic Steel Orchestra. Clive Bradley had a very special relationship with Pantonic.  This orchestra clinched the title of panorama champions five times in seven years - performing Bradley’s musical works.  The performances were captured by Basement Recordings days before, and in one instance, mere moments before they took the stage for the prestigious annual steelband music panorama competition. 

The recordings capture, reproduce and present an unrivalled clarity with sonic realism, of a large steel orchestra fielding between one hundred and one hundred twenty musicians - unlike any other steelband music recordings in its class.

This body of musical work is a sterling addition for all fans, educators, players, historians and fine music collectors.
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 Pan in New York 2009

Global - Experience the beauty of the steelpan instrument through the two latest CD releases from Basement Recordings.  Three-minute samples from the Pan In New York 2009 CDs - of both regular and slow tempo performances - are being featured.  Content is being added, so keep checking regularly.   Both “Pan In New York 2009,” and “Pan In New York 2009 - The Cooldown Versions” are a continuation of the Pan-4-Life series from Basement Recordings.
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Web Posted - Friday May 27, 2016

Songs We Love: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, “Was Dog A Doughnut’

 Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band CD

Oregon, USA - At some point in the 1960s, steel drum (a.k.a. pan) music became the Caribbean equivalent of cheesy Vegas lounge tunes: something only an ill-dressed tourist might fancy during a cruise ship port o’ call. And true, there’s probably a thousand bad pan covers of “Yellow Bird” out there, but the tradition is unfairly maligned. Not only are steel drums themselves a marvel of do-it-yourself ingenuity — they were originally created from oil drums left behind by American naval ships in Trinidad — but their unique, pearly sound is as recognizable and evocative as surf guitar tremolo or a Hammond B3 wheeze.

For 10 years now, Hamburg’s Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band has used that insta-island vibe to remake classic soul, funk and hip-hop songs. The band’s debut album, 55, includes covers of everything from 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” (which originally used a steel drum sample) to Dennis Coffey’s blistering b-boy hit “Scorpio.”
read more

Web Posted - Friday May 27, 2016
Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Pan conquers rain

 The pride of Lopinot, First Citizens Supernovas Steel Orchestra, performs at last Saturday’s Pan in De Countryside held at Las Cuevas On The Greens

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - From early morning, forecasters warned of thunderstorms in Las Cuevas and it seems that show host Richard Forteau, Pan Trinbago secretary, was correct when he said “God loves pan.” Rain fell from about 6 p.m. but it was intermittent.

Despite the weather, an extremely large crowd was on hand at Pan in De Countryside, staged by Pan Trinbago Inc, in conjunction with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture & the Arts at the spacious Las Cuevas On The Greens.
read more

Web Posted - Thursday May 27, 2016
Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

WeBeat St James Live begins June 4

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The St. James Community Improvement Committee (St James CIC) has released the diary of events for of the 2016 edition of WeBeat St James Live, which runs from June 4 to June 12 at the St James Amphitheatre, Western Main Road, St James.

Some events are free to the public, among these are Film Night, We Treat, Health Day, Football Match, WeTing, Mannie Dookie 5K Fun Race, J’Ouvert and Steelband street parade.

....The festival schedule starts with Film Night under the auspices of the Trinidad and Tobago film festival on June 4, with the outdoor cinema screening of A Story about Wendy.
read more

Web Posted - Thursday May 26, 2016
Kaieteur News

Young steel pan player killed in freak accident

Kivon ScipioGuyana, S.A. - A 14-year-old steel pan player, who was slated to perform at the flag-raising ceremony last night, was killed in a freak accident on Tuesday evening in front of the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School.

The teen had just finished rehearsing for the “big day” at D’Urban Park and was heading back to the school with four other students in a truck to offload instruments when the tragedy occurred at around 21:30 hrs.

Kivon Scipio of Lot 6 Railway Line, Kitty, was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

According to reports, just as the truck was about to reverse into the school compound, the 14-year-old teenager jumped off the back of the vehicle but fell under it.

....At the teen’s home yesterday, his mother, Alieka Davis said that she was at home when someone called and informed her that the young man was involved in an accident.

....Fighting tears, the woman said that Scipio was her only child and loved playing the steel pan. In fact, he had been playing for the Pan Wave Steel Orchestra for the past two years.
read more

Web Posted - Thursday May 26, 2016

Graduating Dover High senior, Michael Maxwell, wants to help send people to Mars

 Dover High School senior, Michael Maxwell, plays a steel drum at a recent band practice.

Ohio, USA - Michael Maxwell’s band director regards him as a talented musician. But when the graduating Dover High School senior contemplates a career among the stars, he’s thinking about the sky, not the stage.

“My dream job is to somehow be involved in getting human beings to land on Mars,” he said. “NASA predicts that human beings will land on Mars in the 2030s. By the time I’d be getting into the field, that’s when they’re really going to start pushing. The moon landings are something I’m so passionate about. I love reading about them and watching documentary films about them.

....His high school career included achieving a grade-point average of nearly 4.0 while playing in symphonic band, steel drum band, jazz band, marching band and the pit orchestra for school musicals.

....Retired teacher Joan Wenzel was his middle school band director, percussion director in high school and the creator of the steel drum band. She performs with him — and sometimes instructs him — in the Greco Band.

“She’s still my teacher,” Maxwell said. “She’s had a profound influence on my life.”
read more

Web Posted - Thursday May 26, 2016
Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Boogsie, Ronnie and PM share A Mother’s Love

 Trinidad-Tobago Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, second from right

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Having previously claimed that Invaders is his steelband, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley spent last Sunday evening with members of CAL Invaders Steel Orchestra and patrons attending A Mother’s Love—the fund-raising effort by the iconic Woodbrook steelband for ailing three-year-old Caitlyn Inniss.

Special reserved seating had been put aside for Rowley but he opted to sit at the back of the panyard with the steelband’s members and supporters.

The daughter of Pierre and Anishka Inniss, Caitlyn is the niece of Invaders music coordinator Desiree Myers and requires urgent surgery to rid her of a tumour in the pineal region of her brain.
read more

Web Posted - Wednesday May 25, 2016
Starbroek News

Richard Ishmael student dies in accident


Guyana, S.A. - A Richard Ishmael Secondary School student who was to be a participant in the steel pan segment of the cultural show for tonight’s flag-raising has died in an accident.

A statement issued by the Ministry of the Presidency follows:

It is with deep regret that His Excellency President David Granger and the Government of Guyana learned of the tragic passing of Richard Ishmael Student and member of the Pan Wave Steel Orchestra, 14-year old Kevin Scipio.

The talented young lad was slated to perform in the 50th Independence Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremony and had not long before left rehearsals at the D’urban Park, when he died in what appears to be an accident at the North Ruimveldt Secondary School.

Even as investigations into the circumstances surrounding the accident are being conducted, the Government of Guyana expresses deep sorrow and heartfelt condolences to the family of Kevin Scipio.
read more

Web Posted - Wednesday May 25, 2016
Sleaford Standard

Banging the drum for steel band recruits

 Saffron Murphy of Swaton who is starting up a steel band.

Sleaford, England - A steel band teacher is banging the drum to find people interested in joining a new group.

Saffron Murphy is hosting a steel drum workshop in Swaton Village Hut on May 28, from 2-4 p.m., with a view to attracting enough interested people to start up a band.

Saffron moved to the village 11 years ago from London and explained: “I have played in steel bands for over 20 years and always wanted to start my own band up here one day. I have finally saved up and bought a set of steel pans.”

Vicar Rev Chris Harrington has allowed her to store the bulky drums at the back of the church and now she is looking for interested people to come and learn to play.

....“There is nothing like it in Lincolnshire and people can come along and have a go.

....Saffron explained that the notes are written on the pans and people do not have to read music, they just memorise it through practice and ear. “There is music but it is just letters on a page as a reminder,” she said.
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday May 24, 2016
Demerara Waves

Steel-pan player crushed to death shortly after Independence rehearsal

 Rehearsals at D’urban Park for Guyana’s 50th Independence Flag Raising Ceremony.

Guyana, S.A. - Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations were late Tuesday night marred by the death of a youthful steel-pan player shortly after rehearsals.

Multiple sources confirmed that 14-year old Kevin Scipio was crushed by a truck while he and others were offloading the steelpans at the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School, Mandela Avenue.

Scipio was a member of the youth band, PanWave....
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday May 24, 2016
Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

NSSO delivers top music to poor turnout

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - It truly was a Black Friday for the national instrument.

If ever there was a disappointment involving our beloved pan; it came to pass on Friday 13 and Saturday14 at Exodus Pan Theatre in St Augustine.

The National Steel Symphony Orchestra (NSSO) played to an audience of about 75 patrons on Saturday and less on Friday.

If this concert was held in any other country in the world it would have been soldout yet in the country of its birth, the free pan concert literally “buss”.

The quality of music put out by the calibre of players in the NSSO warrants much better than this.
read more

Web Posted - Monday May 23, 2016
When Steel Talks

birdsong’s Vacation Music Camp is a Go - Auditions Start

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Do you play pan, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute, clarinet, keyboards, percussion, guitar or bass? Or do you sing? Are you currently in secondary school?

....Do you wish to enhance your musical skills with a 5-week intensive programme of sight-reading, harmony, ear-training, technique, ensemble playing, theatre arts, local music history and a host of other courses to support the development of your musical talents?

....From July 11–August 13, 2016 birdsong Academy will host its 13th annual Vacation Music Camp. The camp is conducted from 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays at venues in the Tunapuna community, including the birdsong panyard, the UWI St. Augustine campus and Tapia House. Because of limited places, admission is by audition.
read more

Web Posted - Monday May 23, 2016
When Steel Talks

Meet Luz Carime Santa-Coloma - NYU Graduate, Panist & Percussionist - UpClose!

Luz Carime Santa-Coloma

New York, USA - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, recent NYU graduate Luz Carime Santa-Coloma speaks on her special relationship with the steelpan instrument and how it has transformed her musical perspective and enhanced her college life experience.

Her meeting with the steelpan instrument was not originally by design, but over the last four years her fondness and passion for instrument are unquestionable. She is now a panist headed for a lifelong love affair.
see interview

Web Posted - Monday May 23, 2016
News Guardian

Funding secures orchestra season

 Northern Steel Orchestra

Northumberland, England - Northern Steel Orchestra has launched its 2016 season, thanks to funding from two local charities, the Readman Family Grassroots Fund and the Freemasons of Northumberland.

A new charity, Northern Steel Network, has been formed to support steel pan and has taken on the running of the orchestra.
read more

Web Posted - Sunday May 22, 2016
When Steel Talks

Meet Russell Fisher - NYU Graduate, Panist & Percussionist - UpClose!

Russell Fisher

New York, USA - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, recent NYU (New York University) graduate Russell Fisher speaks on his relationship with the steelpan instrument and how it has impacted his music and college life experience.

A little more than four years ago the steelpan instrument and Russell crossed paths in a real and tangible way - mostly because of NYU Percussion Program’s mandatory steelpan performance requirement. From that point as a member of NYU Steel, a special love, exuberance and passion for the instrument and art form developed and is on full display whenever he is playing the instrument or talking about something pan-related.
see interview

Web Posted - Saturday May 21, 2016
The Royal Gazette

Steel pan man’s 40 years of music

 Crowd pleasers: an album back cover, which also marked the Esso Steel Band’s first self-produced album, circa 1972. The album’s title was Front Street

Bermuda - Rudolph Commissiong, a pioneer of steel band music in Bermuda, recalls his life and times as a pan man played against a backdrop of revolution and segregation.

I started learning how to play the steel pan in my late teens — at 17 years of age, actually. I was influenced to do so by one of the most famous bands at that time; a neighbourhood band called Casablanca and by one of the best tenor pan players I had ever heard named Ormond “Patsy” Haynes.

With about eight friends, we started a band called the Hit Paraders. We were fortunate to have a well-known and talented musician by the name of Art De Coteau teach and arrange the music for us. We soon started playing for private parties and were doing quite well, but most of the guys had other interests as young men and so the band folded.
read extensive history

Web Posted - Friday May 20, 2016
When Steel Talks

A Review - Broad Horizon - Billy Cobham and Frankfurt Radio Big Band

Broad Horizon by Master drummer and composer Billy Cobham

Global - There are eight tracks on this CD. We prefer to dub them ‘chapters’ in this interactive musical book of stories called “Broad Horizon.” We will forgo a technical or musical analysis of the collection. Been there, done that. Simply put: the recording is awesome, the production is awesome, the musicianship is awesome, the orchestration is awesome, the arranging and the song writing are awesome. Okay - you get the picture.
read review

Web Posted - Tuesday May 17, 2016
When Steel Talks

Meet Billy Cobham - Composer, Producer, Educator Legendary Drummer and Performing Artist - UpClose!

Master drummer and composer Billy Cobham

New York, USA - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, drummer extraordinaire Billy Cobham speaks on his life-long relationship with the steelpan instrument and the cultural influences from childhood to adult that have impacted his music and life.

His history is with the Afro-West Indian community and Latin community. And unflinching honesty is one of his policies. The drumming virtuoso lays it out in this interview, in his own words.
see interview

Web Posted - Tuesday May 17, 2016

Efforts to help save three-year-old child with tumour in her brain

Efforts to help save three-year-old child with tumour in her brainTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Efforts are being made to help save a three-year-old child who has been diagnosed with a tumour in her brain.

The following statement has been issued by the Invaders Steel Orchestra:

"Caribbean Airlines Invaders Steel Orchestra will be hosting a fundraiser for three (3) year old Caitlyn Inniss who is the daughter of Pierre and Anishka (a.k.a Nikki) Inniss and niece of Desiree Myers, the band’s Music Coordinator.

Caitlyn has been diagnosed with a tumour in the pineal region of the brain and obstructive hydrocephalus (blockage of a ventricle causing excess fluid in the brain).

Last year, she underwent surgery which involved an insertion of a shunt to assist the flow of the brain fluid. After the shunt was inserted, Caitlyn’s health continued to deteriorate.

....On Sunday 22nd May, 2016 CAL Invaders will be hosting a fundraising concert for Caitlyn entitled “A Mother’s Love”.

This event takes place at the band’s pan yard from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
read more

Web Posted - Monday May 16, 2016
Starbroek News

Funding secures orchestra season


Guyana, S.A. - Republic Bank donates for jubilee steel pan: Minister within the Ministry of Education Nicolette Henry (second left) flanked by a Republic Bank staffer and a representative from the National Music School receiving a cheque on Friday from Republic Bank’s Managing Director Richard Sammy.

The $4.5 million contribution to the National Commemoration Commission is for the sponsorship of jubilee steel pan activities. The donation was said to be a prime example of Republic Bank’s contribution to the development and promotion of steel pan among Guyanese youth over the years.
read more

Web Posted - Friday May 13, 2016
Sleaford Stanford

Your chance to join a steel band near Grantham and Sleaford


London, England - A steel band is being set up by a local woman who will host a workshop later this month.

Saffron Murphy will hold the workshop on Saturday, May 28, at Swaton village hut from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The workshop is free but places are limited.

No previous experience is required and you don’t need to be able to read music.
read more

Web Posted - Friday May 13, 2016
Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Pan Conquers Point

 Massy Trinidad All Stars performs at last Saturday’s Pan on the Move, in Point Fortin.

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan stewards and officials dropped the ball last Saturday at the 16th edition of the annual Point Fortin Borough Day Celebration Pan on the Move.

Most of the participating steelbands were hampered by disc jockeys along the route, who were hesitant to turn down the volume on their systems as the bands made their way to the review stand at Market Square. One particular DJ was guilty of this from as early as when the first band—south’s Pan Elders—commenced the trek as he continued playing loud music during the band’s performance.

I feel that the organisers of this event need to adopt the rule of Brooklyn Labour Day organisers and have absolutely no disc jockeys along the steelband parade route, between the hours of 5 and 10 pm, the hours that Pan on the Move is held. After all, this event is billed as Pan on the Move, held in the supposed “culture capital” of “the land of the steelband.
read more

Web Posted - Wednesday May 11, 2016

 Lehman Introduces New Steel Band at Hemphill

 Lobo Steel Band of Lehman High School in Kyle, Texas, USA

Texas, USA - Lehman High School rolled out its exciting new Lobo Steel Band to rave reviews recently at the Hemphill Elementary Spring Carnival. The newly-formed group, under the guidance of LHS Associate Band Director Christopher Lunsford, is anticipating performances at future school and community events. Lunsford indicates it’s all “just another way to represent Lehman High School and Hays CISD in an outstanding fashion.”
see more pics

Web Posted - Wednesday April 11, 2016 News

 International Marimba and Steelpan Festival 2016

We are Africa: Africa unite for peace and friendship from Cape to Cairo

Gauteng, South Africa - Education Africa in partnership with Tom Newby School in Benoni will present the 5th Annual Education Africa International Marimba and Steelpan Festival 2016 on Saturday 30 July and Sunday 31 July 2016 at Tom Newby School, 10 Master Street, Airfield Benoni, Gauteng.

Over 1600 performers from all over South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria will descend on Benoni where you will hear some of the world’s best marimba and steel bands perform at what is regarded as the largest festival of its kind in the world.
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday May 10, 2016
Portland Press Herald

Grammy Foundation awards Portland High School $5,500 music grant to fund steel drum band

 One of only 13 awards nationwide, its aim is to broaden the music program for a culturally diverse student population

A $5,500 grant will allow Portland High School to diversify its music program to attract a broader student mixMaine, USA - Portland High School is starting a steel drum band as a way to expand its music program beyond band and chorus and to appeal to a wider group of students, thanks to a $5,500 grant from the Grammy Foundation and Ford Motor Company.

The school, with about 850 students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, was one of just 13 nationwide to get a Signature Schools grant, according to a press release from the foundation. The award will be presented to school officials Thursday, after a music career day organized by the foundation.

....Jayne Sawtelle, the school’s lone full-time music teacher, said Tuesday the money will be used to buy Trinidad-style steel drums and to help create a steel drum band and percussion ensemble for at least 24 to 30 students.
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday May 10, 2016
The Chronicle Express

Dundee Symphonic Steel Drum Band wows Albany

Members of the Dundee Central School Steel Drum Band were introduced in the New York State Senate by Sen. Tom O'Mara before they performed during the Sip and Sample event O'Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano hosted in the capitol May 4

New York, USA -  State Sen. Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano hosted the New York Wine Industry Association’s (NYWIA) 3rd Annual “Sip and Sample” tasting event in Albany Wednesday, May 4.

The event featured wineries, cheese producers and other food manufacturers from the Finger Lakes, Capital Region, Central and Western New York, and the Hudson Valley — and it was highlighted by a special guest, the Dundee Central School’s Symphonic Steel Drum Band, which performed throughout the reception.

In a joint statement, O’Mara and Palmesano said, “We’d like to give a special thank you to the directors and students comprising the Dundee Central School Symphonic Steel Drum Band for an outstanding and well-received performance throughout this year’s reception. They are fantastic and we appreciated the Band being here to share their talent and some great music.”
read more

Web Posted - Sunday May 8, 2016
When Steel Talks

NYU Steel Ensemble 2016 Spring Concert: Much more than Chrome and Steel

with Special Guests Sherwin Thwaites and Brooklyn Steel Orchestra

NYU Steel Enemble

New York, USA - ....It was standing room only. The door opened at 7:00 p.m. and by 7:30, the concert start time, almost every seat in the house was taken. Indeed, this is a fine tribute to the outstanding groundwork of Dr. Haas, chairman of the NYU Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions Program in Percussion Studies, and of course the exceptional leadership, educational prowess and spirit of the field general Josh Quillen, director of NYU Steel.

....And when the last note was played by the NYU Steel and BSO (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra) the audience shot to their feet and released a barrage of thunderous applause in response to what they had just experienced. And yes, it was an experience. A Pan happening. We're not still sure if one would categorize the response as voluntary or involuntary - however either one will work in this situation. In any regard, one thing is clear: the spirit of Pan took over.
read more, see video and pictures

Web Posted - Tuesday May 3, 2016
When Steel Talks

Meet Khan Cordice - Director, Educator, Performing Artist and Arranger -  UpClose!

Khan Cordice

Global - ....Even at a younger age, Khan Cordice’s talent was set in stone, when as a mere teenager he surpassed veteran musicians in the field of arranging in the Moods of Pan festival in his country back in 2008, triumphing that night. Months later he proceeded to repeat his winning ways and garner more accolades in the even larger annual steelband music competition known as ‘Panorama.’

....Now, with the formalities (music degrees) under his belt, and an even wider worldview of music at his command, a humble but quietly confident Khan Cordice is set to change the world, one initiative, and one student at a time in his country, sharing his knowledge and experience. At the same time, his evolution as an artist and musician extraordinaire maintains, unfolding, one note at a time. Here is his story - to date… in WST’s live interview.
read more, listen to interview

Web Posted - Saturday April 30, 2016
When Steel Talks

An Evening of Calypso Jazz, Afro-Caribbean Music and Global Jazz

with Étienne Charles and Frankie McIntosh, special guests Garvin Blake and David “Happy” Williams, and Grammy Award-winner Arturo O’Farrill and the Brooklyn College Big Band

Sextet, left to right: Frankie McIntosh, Garvin Blake, David “Happy” Williams, Charles Daugherty, Étienne Charles.  Out of camera-shot - drummer Damon DueWhite

New York, USA - If you were anywhere near New York there was only one place to be on this early Spring date. The County of Kings, sometimes known as Brooklyn was treated to an outstanding evening of music at Brooklyn College’s Whitman Theater. Under the auspices of the Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music, the event was billed as An Evening of Calypso Jazz with Étienne Charles and Frankie McIntosh, special guests Garvin Blake and David “Happy” Williams - featuring Arturo O’Farrill and the Brooklyn College Big Band. It was indeed a serious dose of edutainment.

In addition to the great performances there was an added bonus of a pre-concert talk that was both educational and engaging which featured a panel consisting of Frankie McIntosh - piano, Garvin Blake - steelpan, Étienne Charles - trumpet and David “Happy” Williams - double bass, with Ray Allen, Director of the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and Senior Research Associate of Hitchcock Institute as both moderator of this pre-concert talk and host of the show.
read more, see presentations

When Steel Talks

Steelband Music Panorama Info & Results of Trinidad and Tobago - 2016

When Steel Talks' 2016 Panorama logoTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - All rounds - all categories at a glance... Large, Medium, Small, Junior and Single Pan Band.

Complete info and results for Trinidad and Tobago's Steelband Panorama 2016.  Check out the background story on some of your favorite steel orchestras and their arrangers, what selections they played, and more.
check results


Trinidad and Tobago Soca Tunes for
2016 Carnival


Listen to a playlist of Trinidad and Tobago 2016 Soca tunes for Carnival.
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Champion Panorama Tunes of Trinidad and Tobago

Panorama Champion TunesGlobal - A critical component to winning any panorama competition is the song the orchestras choose to use as the basis of their panorama arrangements. Over the years these songs have inspired classic panorama arrangements. When Steel Talks invites you to take a look at and listen to, these famed tunes which have played more than just a cursory part in the history of Pan, and the lives of the players and fans.
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Windows MSN Groups has informed us that they are shutting down their groups service as of February 21, 2009.  You can now find the When Steel Talks Group at 
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