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A Look At New York Panorama 2003

New York Panorama is Saturday August 30, 2003

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Caribbean Youth Panoramics
Much improved... Led by their Skipper Gerald 'Franklyn' Joseph (who is also the band's arranger) and Lawrence Belle...  These young people have grown up musically and physically...  They have worked hard and are extremely committed...  They now have a better command of the instruments...  They are coming of the high of setting a world record for attendance to a single steelband performance...  Playing in a difficult position, 1st in the competition lineup...  Hope the live sound engineers get it right and not use them as the sacrificial lamb...  Patrick Worrell and Fitz Worrell have improved the group's sound tremendously...  The band has chosen a very interesting song in ANCIENT RIDDEMS by Singing Sandra
Always a crowd favorite, will be out to prove that it's 2000 Panorama win was not a fluke...  CASYM will get a chance to defend it's championship for the first time against all the major powerhouses in one panorama...  They have chosen MUSIC IN WE BLOOD as their panorama tune...  Arranger Arddin Herbert will attempt to rise to the challenge of separating the band from the pack...  They will be well rehearsed and confident...  And ready!!!

Sesame Flyers
Arranger Nicholas Mohan will be out to show that there is no such thing as Sophomore jinks...  Nicholas is one the more promising young arrangers...  He performed extremely well in 'rookie' season last year...   The group hugs Mohan's music well and relates to his musical direction...  Look for Sesame to improve on last year's performance... They have chosen IRON BAND as their panorama tune...

Marsicans arranger Pelham Goddard is coming off of his 2003 Trinidad panorama win with Exodus and intends to add New York panorama to that list...  Marsicans is set make a statement about its belonging to the New York elite steelband community...  They have the tools and horsepower to do the job...  Marsicans must also avoid the sophomore jinks...  They too have chosen MUSIC IN WE BLOOD as their tune of choice...  With Pelham at the helm look for them to give a memorable performance...
Dem Stars
The surprise of the last couple of years...  The group has improved every year moving up the ladder in its panorama placing...  This year the group is lead by arranger Noel "Mico" Skair...  Look for the group to pull on it 'family infrastructure' in its quest for success...  The group has performed well at the season launches...  Dem Stars will meet stiff competition in the upper half of 2003 panorama line up but should do well based on it past performances.... Their tune of choice - PANDORA composed & sung by Original de Fosto

They are going through the growing pains that all steelbands go through at one time or another...  Crossfire is making its second panorama appearance.  Arranger Jeffrey Pierre works with them with their tune of choice - ELLIE MAN composed by Jeff Narell...

Despers USA
Always a threat to take it all...  Their experience and know how provide them with the ability to do more with less... They are the best at providing and teaching fundamental performance skill set...  In this regard, expect their young and new players to perform with the same level as they have in the past...  They have veterans in all the key positions... Scipio 'Sarge' Sargeant and Denzel 'Belt' Botus are the arrangers... There tune of choice - PASSION sung by Militant...

The surprise of 2002...  Made a strong showing at their first panorama...  Must avoid sophomore jinks...  Can be extremely dangerous as they pull it together in the final days before panorama... They also are one of the two groups Clive Bradley is arranging for...  This group is made up of veterans who know how to win...  And know what time it is...  There tune of choice is PASSION sung by Militant...
This group has been steadily improving every year...  Their progress got derailed last year through no fault of their own - they were last year's 'sacrificial lambs' (as per live sound arrangements) when they played in first position...  Look for Adlib to bounce back with arranger Stephen Sampson and give the big boys some competition...  They are an extremely tight unit with a great family atmosphere and leadership...  They are playing in a great spot...  Don't sleep on them... 2003 Panorama selection:  BAD IN YUH YARD composed by Selwyn aka"Parry" Paul

Their lineup will be bolstered by some players from Trinidad's Pan Knights...  With Robert Greenidge as arranger Moods has an opportunity to return the forefront of the New York pan scene...  The runway to Panorama is short...  MUSIC IN WE BLOOD is their tune of choice...

Pan Phonics
Pan Phonics has an opportunity to move up in the New York rankings with a strong showing in the panorama...  Arranger is Patrick Davis.  2003 tune of choice is:  MUSIC IN WE BLOOD composed by Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe

This year marks the return of 'Professor' Ken Philmore to the arranger's chair with Sonatas... They expect this re-marriage will return them to their glory years...  They've had a great pre-season... And look to carry that momentum into the Panorama competition...  The band is enthusiastic and exudes confidence...  If any of the big bands slip up Sonatas will shut the door...  Never a band to beat themselves, expect them to be disciplined armed and ready...  MUSIC IN WE BLOOD is their tune of choice...
Methodically going about the business of winning another panorama...  Great all-round - management, players, arranger, instruments and attitude...  Arranger Clive Bradley is having fun and is focused... Led by Captains Keith Roberts and Brian Joseph, these two people's 'workman attitude' will leave no stone unturned as they march towards their only goal -- another title...  Playing in a great position...  A win here could allow them to set the tone for the rest of the decade...  Winning another panorama will not be sufficient.  Look for these young people to make a serious statement and have an impact on Pan worldwide. TRINI TO DE BONE is their 2003 choice... 

Women In Steel
Can no longer be considered a novelty group...  There will be higher expectations this year...  Band management is obviously committed to blazing new trails.  This year the band will be lead by arranger Frenchman Mathieu Borgne...  Mr. Borgne may quickly learn that New York pan takes no prisoners...  Their tune is ELLIE MAN composed by Jeff Narell...

Harmony Valley Boyz
Another group that has an opportunity to move up in the New York rankings with a strong showing in the panorama...  Captain and arranger Michael Joseph.  2003 Tune of choice is:  DING DONG composed & sung by Lord Funny

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  2003 New York Panorama Band Line-up:  Order of Appearance -  Band Captains, Arrangers, Tuners!   



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