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New York Panyards 2005 - The DVD

New York - 2005 was a year marked by historic highs and tragic lows for the Pan community.  On panorama night, the late great Clive Bradley made history by achieving a feat never before accomplished. The bands for which he arranged captured the championship title and second place honors, respectively.  Sadly, the joy would later turn to grief with the tragic news of his passing less than three months later.

Basement Recordings Productions presents NY Panyards 2005 which includes the final panyard recordings of Master Arranger Clive Bradley.  Also included on this 2-Disc DVD set are arrangements by Pelham Goddard, Yohan Popwell, Arddin Herbert Brian "Bean" Griffith, and Freddie Harris, III & Andy Akiho. The arrangements are performed by Pantonic, D'Radoes, Sonatas, CASYM, Marsicans, Crossfire and Sesame Flyers.

Master arranger Clive Bradley reviewing 2004 NY Panyards DVD at the studios of Basement Recordings


As an added bonus, this double-DVD package includes on the second disc, an exclusive one hour-long sit-down interview with Clive Bradley, Pelham Goddard and Yohan Popwell, and provides insight into the minds of these accomplished arrangers.  The interview is historical, prophetic, educational and at times emotionally gut-wrenching, as we listen to and experience the humor, knowledge and fascinating episodes in the life of Clive Bradley that the master himself shares with us.  That it takes place only a few weeks before Mr. Bradley pulls of one of his career's greatest musical feats, make this interview all the more remarkable.  It takes place at Basement Recordings studios where almost every prominent, notable - or soon to be - steelband music figure has graced.


NY PANYARDS 2005 is part of the continuing series of stellar video and audio recordings by Basement Productions that provide a historical, educational and cultural perspective - without diminishing the entertainment value and musical integrity of the performers and performances. 

NY Panyards is ideally suited for music educators, students, ethnomusicologists, music libraries, fine music collectors, historians and steelpan enthusiasts who are looking to experience authentic, passionate steelband performances without compromise as endorsed, validated, created and  performed by the masters.

NY Panyards 2005 captures the spirit, pressure, fire and joy, and creative genius born out of the necessity of panorama competition, as can only be experienced within the sacred refuge of the steelbands and steelpan musicians -  the "panyard".  Basement Recordings again captures the sonic and visual components of the performances with unmatched clarity and fidelity, bringing the viewing and listening audience into the bowels of the New York panyards in a manner that allows you the reality of tasting and 'living' the panyard atmosphere and experience. 

Indeed, it is a remarkable people who consistently overcome outside despair and hostility with the unique ability to conquer and transform their environment into a musical oasis (the panyard).  The NY Panyard 2005 DVD again showcases a true working cultural melting pot, as we view and listen to the results of an open invitation that is extended to and readily accepted by, people of all ages and backgrounds, religions, nationalities and social status - to join the New York Steelbands in their annual arduous journey towards this (illogical, to some) musical summit called panorama.

That New York's Panyards can continue to produce musical gems that are of equal value in stature to the works of the Armstrongs, Bachs, Brahms, Ellingtons, Chopins, Gordon Parks, Monets, Picassos, Rembrandts and Beethovens (in terms that they can transform such an unfriendly milieu) is a testament to the timeless human spirit to engage, overcome and conquer, and enrich their time and space - to make better the human condition through the arts.

This DVD is a must for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of one of the greatest social, cultural and musical phenomena of the 20th century, in addition as to why the steelband artform is currently sweeping the globe.

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