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CALYPSOCIATION Steelband’s CD is out!


 « Made it » a self produced CD is available through Calypsociation.

This project represents a year of work (composing, arranging, learning the music, rehearsals, recording…), with 22 volunteer musicians, both amateur and pro.


Calypsociation’s music is composed and arranged by Laurent Lalsingué and Mathieu Borgne. These two jumbie’s influences come from far and wide. This album is a manifestation of their desire for a new steelband sound, with an atmosphere, colour, rhythm and harmony both modern and steeped in tradition.


Trinidad and Tobago, incredible country, birthplace of the steelpan with steelbands with 100s of musicians during carnival, the traditional calypso and calypsonians are the vital inspiration of Calypsociation since 93!



With their experience in recording the steelpan, Calypsociation and Laurent Coatalen made the choice recording in several different stages:

- Live in order to record the drums

- Live without drums (only on headphones) in order to capture the whole group as naturally as possible

- Each section was recorded separately for maximum clarity

- Percussion engine room, cowbells, congas, irons, claves…

- Special guests

Recording mixing and mastering were all done at Calypsociation by Laurent Coatalen. Through all of this he was able to find a very natural sound one that perfectly coincides with the spirit of the group.




CHAMPION SONG (comp. Oba Sinnette /arrgt. L. Lalsingué M. Borgne)

Composed in 2001 for the trini carnival by Emmanuel « Oba” Sinnette, famous calypsonian, Laurent and Mathieu co-arranged this piece each bringing his own ideas and groove to the mix. This is a trini inspired arrangement where one can hear grooving bass lines and Laurent’s style jams.


3X3 (comp. M. Borgne / invité Doussou au djembé)

This is a 9/8 African rhythm, as are the « dund” and the “talking drum” played by Laurent Coatalen, Doussou (Bakary Touré)‘s explosive djembé bring a whole new sound to the steelband. One can hear compound “strummings” reminiscent of the “parang”.


MADE IT (comp. L. Lalsingué)

Laurent Lalsingué’s natural genius comes through with the sweet yet energic themes and variations of this tune who’s melody and expressive double alto (this instrument has a whole new pattern invented by Laurent) solos confirm his place as a leading “panman”


SUNDAY (comp. M. Borgne / invité C. Baud, guitare)

This is a rather funky piece inspired by the groove of the irons of Trinidad one can sense the overtones of jazz rock.  Cedric Baud, a young Swiss French guitarist (member of Djazil, Rido Bayonne and M’Bappe…) masterfully improvises a guitar solo and rare occasion to hear the sweet sound of the mixture of steelpan with other instruments. Drums, irons, cowbells and claves all swing in unison. Mathieu ends the piece with a double second solo that begins with a surprising “stop chorus”.


DOH ROCK ME SO (comp. A. Roberts)

Revisiting the traditional steelband sounds of the 40’s. Laurent Lalsingué (Guadeloupian) recorded on the same steelpans that his father and uncles played on in their Port Louis steelband. Tenor, single second, single guitar, single bass, doop, irons, scratch, cowbell sweetly sing this old-time calypso composed by the great master Aldwin Roberts, alias Lord Kitchener


SWEET MANGO (comp. par L. Lalsingué / invité B. Sauvé: flûte à bec / G. Louis: batterie)

A Haitian compas that Laurent Lalsingué infused with his French Caribbean feeling translating into beautiful melodies that dance off the steelpans. Gregory Louis (Tabou Combo, Mario Canonge, etc.) on drum brings a grounded full-bodied groove to the sound.

Finally, Benoit Sauvé on the flute brings a whole new lovely sound with steelband.


PARTY TONIGHT (comp. C. Bradley)

The CD ends with a homage to Clive Bradley, Trinidad’s greatest steelband arranger, who passed away in 2005. Party tonight was composed for the 1992 carnival and arranged for one of the oldest, greatest steelbands in the world “Desperadoes”. Steelband music in its purest form, where melodies, harmonies and rhythm mix with so much energy and force you can feel the panorama.


A special thanks to Amélie Brunet, Calypsociation’s coordinator, for her professional follow through on this project as well as for her natural kindness. To Vanessa Paris for the beautiful CD jacket she designed, for her never ending patience and listening skills when it came to hearing everyone’s ideas. Thanks to “Panash steelband” for the section work for Party tonight

A big than-you to our special guests: Cédric Baud, Benoit Sauvé, Gregory Louis and Bakary Touré for their generosity and for “tearing it up” on the CD.

Thank–you to Laurent Coatalen for all of his unrelenting hard-work without which this project would not have been possible (not to mention his great cooking).

Thank-you to all the members and the board of Calypsociation for their king support.

And finally thank–you Trinidad and Tobago and Trinis for your love of pan and for having infected us with it



Go to http://www.calypsociation.com/ to hear samples
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