When Steel Talks

"Ugly Camera Men & Women Have No Behavior, No Respect"

Many great things took place at last week's TnT's panorama 2004.  When Steel Talks will take an in-depth look at these accomplishments in the coming days.   However, today, we will bring attention to the "BIG UGLY" brought to the event by many of the photographers and videographers who covered the event.  Their behavior was unprofessional, embarrassing and displayed utter contempt for the performing artists, viewing audience and organizers of the event...  We have never seen such behavior at any event of this magnitude in the world...  Where in the world would camera people get up in front of a performing act that is simultaneously being broadcast live and video taped, and continuously block the audience view??!!

Almost every picture taken by When Steel Talk's Pantographer contains a photographer in front or inside the band...  The thought of getting inside or in front of a performing steelband is preposterous...  The 'panman' sacrifices everything for those eight minutes on stage.  Nothing and no one should interfere from that moment...  These violators of the pan people's moment should have been arrested on the spot. 

What do these 'unprofessional' professionals do with these pictures anyway???   When and where are they published???  An apology is in order to the pan community from these violators, and measures put in place by the organizers to avoid such recurrences ever again...

It is ironic that When Steel Talks personnel spent over three days trying to find out the do's and don'ts in covering this year's panorama, only to end up capturing a lot of shots of the back of the heads of professional un-professionals...   Additionally our personnel were quite content to interact with pan players and supporters before and after the players performed, supplementing the stage shots.

We promised all the bands that they would get to see their pictures...  This is a When Steel Talks policy...  We will fulfill that promise as we have in the past...    However, we never expected cameramen to share equal space in the pan people's finest moments... Anyway, here are the shots we could salvage of the large steelbands...  Medium bands and panyard shots will be up next week...  Enjoy...  http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2004/home/index.htm.

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