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HCL Group of Companies Sponsors
Phase Two Pan Groove for Carnival 2k7

From the News Desk of:

In response to Phase Two’s call to the corporate sector for Panorama activities for Carnival 2k 7 the HCL Group has agreed to an exclusive sponsorship that will cover the bands expenses and ensure that the Panorama Champions are ready to defend their title when the bands play in San Fernando.


The HCL Group of Companies see this as an excellent way to start off the company’s thirty anniversary year and compliment its existing support of the Steelband movement. HCL has for the past three years sponsored in the medium band category the HCL Valley Harps Steel Orchestra and also given financial assistance to other bands in the North and East Zones. As a corporate neighbor of Phase Two HCL is pleased to form this alliance with Phase Two and support the bands efforts.


HCL recognizes the role of the Steelband movement in the development and nurturing of community spirit and entrepreneurship and see the association as an extension of its own role as community developers. The long term vision of HCL is to partner with Steelbands in various communities to form mutually beneficial relationships where programs can be formulated that teach skills and educate members of the community in a variety of disciplines that can be used to find long term employment. The “panyard” is in many parts of the country a true community centre that can be used throughout the year in a variety of ways in particular for education.


HCL looks forward to a successful and safe Panorama and Carnival season with its newest partner PHASE TWO PAN GROOVE.


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