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Message From the President

From the News Desk of:
Pan Trinbago

Dear Pan Lovers,

As you are aware, this Sunday's National Panorama semi-final for all three categories of conventional orchestras will be conducted in an environment somewhat different to the traditional configuration and, consequently, will present some challenges to both the administration and our audience.

The event, which begins at 9 am at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain will, for the first time since inception in 1963, take place at a venue different from the traditional setting.

Adapting to the new venue itself has presented a raft of difficulties and we have applied the finest available minds to pre-empting problems but, as with any new experience, there may well be a few situations we could not predict; even after meticulously analyzing possibilities from every angle.

The only constant is the fine music we confidently expect from the 45 orchestras that will perform tomorrow. Just about everything else is novel and therefore the likelihood of situations that could not be anticipated is consequently greater.

For openers, we expect there will have to be some level of integration of the various groupings and interests that historically comprised the Panorama audience at the Savannah Party. With significantly reduced covered accommodation, seating options normally exercised by patrons will, no doubt, be appropriately varied to suit the new circumstances.

Given this situation, we cannot facilitate rhythm sections in the covered area, nor can we allow oversized coolers and other paraphernalia, for we have primarily dedicated the entire space to seating, and must also observe protocol regarding accommodation arrangements for guests of The State, our organization and persons of similar ilk along with paying patrons; as always was the case with the Grand Stand.

The northern greens is proposed as the area for hosting the traditional "North Stand" groups, posses and fun-sections, offering an open-air facility and consequent freedom of movement within that expansive space. Along its northern perimeter we have positioned a cluster of tents for those who require shielding from the sun.

As you know, these adjustments are temporary and will be with us for a mere two Carnival seasons, one of which is already underway. Soon enough, the old accommodation will be replaced by an ultra-modern facility; relieving us all of whatever slight inconveniences the present conditions may impose.

We feel assured, however, that our regular patrons will understand the need for some degree of adjustment, in order to make way for the greater good in the long-term.

We are equally confident you will co-operate with us in the management of this transitory environment which, let me hasten to add, comes at no sacrifice of the quality or quantity of spectacular pan performances to which we have become accustomed.




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