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Arima Steelband Panorama 2007
February 12, 2007
Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama

A panorama featuring both conventional steel orchestras and single pan bands is in the spotlight on Monday, February 12, 2007.  The venue is Broadway, Arima, east Trinidad, and the event is presented by the Arima Carnival Committee in collaboration with the Eastern Region of Pan Trinbago.  The show gets underway at 6:30 PM.

Arima Single Pan Bands - Order of Appearance

Play Position


Tune of Choice/ Vocalist
1. Marsicans Bees Melody
(Lord Kitchener)
2. Pan on the Move Wine on Something
(Mighty Swallow)
3. L.H. Pan Groove Johnny
(Colleen Ella)
4. Magic Notes Rebirth One More Wine
(Machel Montano)
5. Arima All Stars Say Say
6. Pan Stereonettes Soca Is It
7. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove Total Disorder
(Mighty Duke)
8. The Graduates Nah Do Dat
(Iwer George)
9. North Eastern All Stars Soca Baptiste
(Blue Boy)
10. Brazil RX4 Carnival Coming
(Count Robin)
11. Trinidad Nostalgic Wine on Something
(Mighty Swallow)
12. Star Sapphire Jane
(Mighty Sparrow)
13. United Sounds Get Something and Wave
(Super Blue)

Arima Conventional Steel Orchestras - Order of Appearance

Play Position


Tune of Choice/ Vocalist
1. Arima Angel Harps I Dare You
2. Arima Golden Symphony
Sharin' Licks
3. Potential Symphony Sharin' Licks
4. Simple Song Darlin'
(Johnny King)
5. Sangre Grande Cordettes Pan Is Mine
(Colin Lucas)
6. Melodians Panama
(David Rudder)
7. Tamana Pioneers Rebecca
(Super Blue)


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