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National Steelband Panorama 2007 Finals - What They Won
2007 National Panorama Competition
Trinidad & Tobago


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The Yard Series



Each year, there are gripes in the steelband community, both in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad, about the prize monies for their respective steelband competitions.  This year was no different, and the customary loud grumbles found themselves immortalized in song, via Winston Scarborough's (aka calypsonian D Original de Fosto) 'Pan Lamentation.'  The song was a popular one for the 2007 Panorama season, with fourteen orchestras in the conventional categories opting to take it to the competition arena.  The selection essentially served as an indictment on behalf of the pan community, and decries the lack of respect meted out to the pan people.  Among the grouses documented in de Fosto's ditty, are what have been widely-perceived by many as the 'paltry prize monies' up for grabs in the annual competition.  In one of his performances, De Fosto called for "one million, five [hundred thousand]" TT dollars for the first prize.

It was also back in March 2006 when Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold went on record that his organization would be seeking one million dollars as the grand prize for Panorama 2007.  The government finally handed over, as late as February 14, 2007 (three days before the panorama finals) TT 10.6 million dollars to Pan Trinbago.  It was then confirmed that there was an allocation for at least 66.66 percent of what calypsonian de Fosto had called for as the first prize.  Eight bands in the large category competed for the one million TT (159,000 USD) prize that awaited the victorious steel orchestra.  That figure reflected 750,000 in cash, and 250,000 in 'units' from the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation, a mutual funds investment company.  If as in the past, for the annual national panorama season, Pan Trinbago - the world governing body for pan - still retains ten percent of the gross earnings of each steelband, then automatically the victorious band is down to nine hundred thousand dollars from the one million prize packet.  The same is true, naturally, for all other orchestras.

In 2004, the top prizes for the national panorama finals in the large, medium and small conventional steel orchestra categories were: TT 200,000; TT 140,000 and TT 100,000, respectively.  Prize monies across the board rose incrementally during the three year-period since to where they stand for 2007.  Things have improved, but many would say that there is still much room for improvement.  Handing over 10.6 million for the 2007 panorama season is one thing.  But it is an interesting figure, given the following.  In 1999, when the Trinidad and Tobago government allocated seventy-five million as they prepared to host that year's Ms. Universe pageant, they said they had a mere two million to spare for their commitment to the annual event that showcases the country's national instrument to the world. 

Below are the prizes garnered by bands who made it to this year's steelband panorama conventional orchestra finals.

2007 Conventional Steel Orchestras - Prizes

  Large category Medium category Small category
1st Prize TT  $1,000,000 TT $600,000 TT $400,000
2nd Prize TT  $700,000 TT $550,000 TT $350,000
3rd Prize TT $650,000 TT $500,000 TT $300,000
4th Prize TT $600,000 TT $450,000 TT $250,000
5th Prize TT $550,000 TT $400,000 TT $200,000
6th Prize TT $500,000 TT $350,000 TT $150,000
7th Prize TT $450,000  ** TT $300,000 TT $100,000
8th Prize TT $400,000  ** TT $250,000 TT $100,000

** Note: In the Large category - since there was a tie for seventh and eighth place, both prizes were combined, and split equally, for a total disbursement of $425,000 each to both bands 

Data courtesy Pan Trinbago


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