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‘Celebration Time’

sung by Steve Sealy
composed by Mark Loquan & Edwin Pouchet

produced by Junior “IBO” Joseph



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“Celebration Time”
Steve Sealy

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)


Verse 1

Look at how this nation, does go through a transformation
Like de problems just disappear, at this time of year
Cause is party time, and is fete and lime
Rhythm in de street, sound like a ragga soca beat
Well bacchanal, cyar stay out of de Carnival
Ya just bound to see we on the big screen TV
When we jumping in sweet T and T


Celebration happening on the street
Oh gorm, how it sweet
Celebration happening in de yard
Bassman, like he mad
Count ya blessings, come and join dis party, baby
Jump in de band, honey, and put up ya hand, baby
Doh wanna lose it, ya feel de music, go directly to ya brain
Ya feel de passion; ya know de rhythm, go infect ya thru ya veins
Ya still wonder how come, music from an oil drum
Could hypnotize, and mesmerize, all ah we

Verse 2

When ya see my nation, jumping up in celebration
Like a tension filling de air, as de time draws near
For de Carnival, for de festival
Well open your eyes, ya could see a paradise
We reach a stage, every year we start a new page
Can’t you see that de world want to emulate we
When we jamming in sweet T and T.


Verse 3

We go through de motion, but there is a higher notion
Why is only a one-off affair, think right through de year
‘Bout de calypso, on de radio
Watch de royalty, going out of T and T
Appreciate, dis sincere plea to celebrate
So excuse me for sharing dis philosophy
When we talking ‘bout sweet T and T

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Songwriter Mark Loquan celebrates many years of writing music compositions for the steelband music panorama competition.  Many would say that his most iconic is Colours Again, (COTT Pan Song of the Year 2006).

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He celebrates ten years of writing music compositions for the steelband music panorama competition. Check out one of his latest releases for the 2008 season featured here, Celebration.

“Trinbago has so much to offer, yet we treat Carnival time as transitionary when in fact we should celebrate our talent right throughout the year.”

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