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“Colours Again”

sung by Destra Garcia
composed by Mark Loquan
lyrics by Keron Boodoosingh and Joel “Zan” Feveck

Arranged by Junior “Ibo” Joseph



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(Everybody coming down
See dem how dey coming down)


Colours Again!
Like a rainbow in Port of Spain
Colours Again! And we jumping up sun or rain
Up in de sky, we flying high, ya see dat is de reason why, de Carnival will never die!
Colours Again!
Masquerading all on de street
Colours Again!
Man I cyah stop moving meh feet
Up in de sky, we flying high, ya see dat is de reason why, de Carnival will never die!

Verse 1

All de bands out already,
Carnival is almost here
Everybody fit and ready,
Waiting to hear "hand in de air"!
(‘Cause we gone) we exercising
(‘Cause we gone) ‘cause we preparing
(‘Cause we gone) we gearsing up,
for Carnival morning


Tell dem,
We cyah stop with de jumping (jumping)
Stop with de waving (waving)
We cyah wait till de morning
when Carnival, come, come, come!

Verse 2

We making a big impression,
Carnival is we expression
Rhythm to unite dis nation, Trini to de bone!
(‘Cause we gone) with a harmony
(‘Cause we gone) with a melody
(‘Cause we gone) to raise yuh soul,
Till yuh losing control!



Extended jam

Tell dem,
We cyah stop with de jumping (jumping)
We cyar stop with de waving (waving)
We cyah wait till de morning
when Carnival come!
We ready for J’Ouvert morning
Chipping to de iron playing
All ya, look a steelband passing, sailors coming down, down, down, down, down


(Everybody coming down
See dem how dey coming down)


Repeat & fade

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“Colours Again”
Destra Garcia

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)
Copyright ©2006 (COTT)

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Destra Garcia
Destra Garcia

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Destra Garcia was born in November of 1977 in Trinidad and Tobago, and hails from a musical family. “When I am up there performing I feel the music as I move and I know it’s great to be a woman. I revel in my sensuality. I want women to look at me and say ‘Way to go,  Destra,’ because I am representing them and I look good doing so.”  Destra has been singing since she was in St. James Secondary School. “I sang every year for five years at school and won the Calypso Monarch on every occasion. I also wrote all my calypsoes.”

For an exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Destra Garcia,  click here

Songwriter Mark Loquan celebrates many years of writing music compositions for the steelband music panorama competition. 

The year 2012 represents five of those years with a team comprising Loquan, Destra Garcia and Ken Philmore creating music for Panorama - bringing to life songs like “Hooked” (2008), “D Trini Way” (2009), “Surrender” (2010), “Rewind” (2010) and “Calling Meh” (2011).

Prior to 2008, Destra/Loquan had produced the track featured here, “Colours Again” (COTT Pan Song of the Year 2006) and “We Luv Carnival.”  Some of Loquan’s music has been performed for Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago and at other Panorama competitions including Nottinghill, New York, Toronto, and Cayman Islands.

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Exclusive interview with Mark Loquan - click here

About Colours Again, Loquan says:

““Colours Again” composed for Panorama 2006, with lyrics by Keron Boodoosingh and Joel “Zan” Feveck.  This was the first song I worked on with Destra.  I really wished for Destra to vocalize the song, as I had seen her the year before performing an a capella version of Roller Coaster (by Andre Tanker) and was so impressed.

“I was trying to introduce a new type of music on the spectrum, moving away from the traditional sounding songs for pan by introducing a party flavour. The experiment proved to be quite successful with several bands performing the song at the various Panorama events across the globe, and awarded the COTT Pan Song Award for 2006.

“The song has also been transcribed for conventional orchestra by Gary Gibson (an arrangement by Liam Teague for Skiffle Bunch), just to demonstrate the music does not have to be confined to Pan.”


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