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‘People’s Choice’

sung by “Dr. WillB” (William Bannister)
lyrics by William Bannister
music by Clive Telemaque

arranged & produced by Pelham Goddard



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Verse 1

Who is the winner, after the panorama
Is to hear the people
when they talking on  the corner
Who is the real winner,
after the panorama
Everybody feel dat dey band better
But when the judges tally up the score,
You expecting to get more
Now yah pride gone out the door,
that is for sure
But you have to go out there;
Play yah Pan like you ain’t care
Tell yourself is the people have yuh there
No fear


(Man, you is the people’s choice) x 2
Yah band is the people’s choice,
Put up yah hand and rejoice
When yah come to play,
The people does break away
If you see them rock and sway,
Like “Kitchie” they dingolay
When yah see yah start yah song,
The people does jump around
Ah telling yah ten thousand strong,
Leave the South and come to town
People’s choice,
Man you is the people’s choice
Ah telling yuh
When yah see you looking wet,
Man the people start to fete - Hey!

Verse 2

Judges ’round ah table,
Man we know dat they able
But why so much people keep saying
They giving trouble
Judges ’round ah table,
Man we know that they able
To judge Pan you got to be ah rebel
’Cause is thousands on the barber greene,
Thousands more around the scene
Thousands in the North and Grand,
Waving they hand
But something here cyah be real,
After you done jump and ‘screel’
Like a racehorse,
Yuh band way down the field - for real


Verse 3

Standing ovation was ah instant reaction
Is to see the Pan lovers
How dey throwing up dey hand
Standing ovation was ah instant reaction
Everybody express satisfaction
Because de arranger - he had it hard,
Night and day in the Pan yard
Along with de drill master over and over
Sometimes we doh hah no light,
But we got to get it right
We pull number six
So tonight is licks, licks, licks


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“People’s Choice”
“Dr. WillB”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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William Bannister aka Dr. Will B
“Dr. WillB” aka William Bannister

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William Bannister, better known as “Dr. WillB”, has been a patriarch of Trinidad & Tobago culture for the past 40 years. “Dr. WillB” was born May 29, 1951 to Sarah and Goldbourne Bannister. With his parents hailing from Tobago and Barbados respectively, “Dr. WillB” is a true Caribbean man who has Trinidad and Tobago culture deeply entrenched in him.

“Dr. WillB” began dabbling in the arts in the 1970s with a number of carvings and sketches, later on further developing his talent with a course in screen printing. He then maintained his passion for design and art when he designed and released a line of screen printed and hand painted t-shirts and dress shirts in the late 80s and early 90s.

Continuing to hone his artistic skills, “Dr. WillB” changed his medium from clothing to canvas in 1995. Painting a series of culturally influenced pieces such as “Drumology” and “Engine Room” propelled him even further into the world of portrait painting. After this, he began a second series entitled the “Calypso Icons Series.”  It included portraits of the Mighty Sparrow, the Lord Kitchener, Calypso Rose, The Lord Pretender, Valentino, The Mighty Shadow, The Mighty Duke, Lord Nelson, and The Mighty Bomber.  His work is featured in several Trinidad & Tobago state organisations such as the Ministry of The Arts and Multiculturalism.

“Dr. WillB” has also been an avid Pan player and as a calypsonian, has performed with the Klassic Ruso calypso tent.  Muster Point was his composition for the 2012 Panorama season and for 2013, “Dr. WillB” has released the track featured here, People’s Choice.

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