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‘Ah Going Home’

sung by “Marvelous Marva”
composed by Hermus Edghill Lively
and Peter Augustine

arranged by Kenny Phillips



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Ah going home, ah going home
Baby, home to my land
The home of Pan
The sound of Pan
Calling me, calling me,
Captain - here I come
Just make sure my tenor ready
Sweet up, chrome up
It must be tuned by Eddie
Pong for pong the sweetest in the land
Hail from my village called Charlo
The sound of Pan bring our people together
The sound of Pan, you know
It represents the spirit of
Pride in our own
Physically, technically
Nightly sacrifices we made

Baby, I just got to go
The sound of Pan now
Nightly sacrifices we made
Baby, I just got to go
The sound of Pan now
Baby, sacrifices we made
Baby, I just got to go
The sound of Pan now
Nightly sacrifices we made

Repeat all of the above, twice

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“Ah Going Home”
“Marvelous Marva”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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 Hermus Edghill Lively
Hermus Edghill Lively

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Hermus Edghill Lively was born in Charlo Village, Penal, in south Trinidad. At the age of fourteen, he started playing Pan with the village steelband ‘The Trinidad Valley Harps’ under the leadership of his brother Vernon Flanders, and arranger/tuner Edward Alvarado.

In 1990 Edghill began working with the Discovery Cruise Line, and performed as a one-man band on the vessels through 2001. The track featured here, Ah Going Home, was created because his wife was questioning why he had to go to Trinidad - and his answer to her was, “The sound of Pan calling me.”  With the support and vocals of “Marvelous Marva” - to whom Edghill is grateful - the song came to life.

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