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‘Dance With The Stars’

sung by “Oscar B”
music by Dane Gulston
lyrics by Alvin Daniell



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Verse 1

When Carnival in de air
Foreigners coming for Carnival
Coming from far and near
To have plenty fun and bacchanal
They want to jump and wine with soca stars like Machel, Bunji and me
They know about Iwer also Kees, and Farmer Nappy
They cyar wait to see Destra, Nadia, Doh talk about Saucy Wow
When yuh hear dem talk, they booking they tickets now, right now!


They coming, coming to dance with the stars
Coming to dance with the stars
Coming to dance with the stars
Dancing with the Soca superstars
And, dancing with the greatest pan players
And, masmen parading here in their glorious splendour
Dancing with the best Soca mixers
And, dancing with that sweet Trini flavour
What a pleasure to – dance with the stars.

Verse 2

Panorama is a treat
Pan players coming from all over
Cannot resist the beat
And you know that here is the Mecca
Desperadoes, Phase II, Renegades Invaders and Silver Stars
Come like household names but doh forget, Trinidad All Stars
Up in the East is Exodus, Nutones, down south is Fonclaire
Cyar call all, but all bands are stars I must declare, yuh hear!


Verse 3

Finally it makes me glad
To know we offer this attraction
They come to Trinidad
To meet up the stars is their mission
The greatest superstars in soca, pan and authentic calypso
Tuesday Parade of the Bands is the greatest show
Do not be surprised they might just dance with Penny, Wendy or me
Brian Lara or Dwight Yorke might wine up on dem sweetly.


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“Dance With The Stars”
“Oscar B”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Alvin C. Daniell

Alvin C. Daniell - Engineer, Cultural Researcher, Television Presenter, Composer and Music Producer comprise the disciplines of this individual.  In the pan world he is best known for his lyrical work with some of the top pan arrangers in Trinidad and Tobago. These include Ray Holman (Pan on the Move, Pan on the Run); Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Mind Yuh Business, Misbehave); Pelham Goddard (Parade, Play My Music, Good News, A Happy Song); Brian “Bean” Griffith (Trini Know How, Pure Party, How We Coming – 2011); Don Clarke (Can’t Get Enough, Momentum – 2011).  He has also worked with Edwin Pouchet to produce several hits such as Thunder Coming, First in de Line, Battle Zone, It’s Showtime!, Gie Dem Tempo, Keshorn – The Javelin Champion and Shock Attack among others.

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