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‘Dancing To The Pan’

sung by “Jackspania”
composed by Jathniel Thomas

arranged by Jathniel Thomas



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Chorus (Intro)

Playing the pan, dancing to the pan
Fills me with ecstasy
Would you be amazed
How it put me in a daze
That’s what it does to me
Playing the pan, dancing to the pan
Playing sweet melodies
Playing the pan, dancing to the pan
Sounding great harmonies

Verse 1

This is a fantastic piece of art
All of this reminds me of Mozart
Didn’t believe how a steel band orchestra
In this time would play a Sonata
It raise me pores when I hear the pan man roll
I like to see how he using stick control
Combined with the beats of Africa
You should see how he jamming the soca



Verse 2

Guitar pans keep on strumming
Cellos syncopating
The fifth pans keep playing the melody
Double tenors playing harmony
Double seconds blend with the guitar
And sometimes they playing a counter
Quadraphonic jamming with the bass man
This is what I’m talking ‘bout sweet pan




Playing the pan
Gives me a good sensation
Playing the pan
Creating tones of a good vibration
Playing the pan
The world recognize our nation
Creative Black Man
You should be proud of this great invention

(The way dey move
If you see the pan man groove
The band jamming hard
The crowd going mad
The people in the band
Only waving dey hand) x2


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“Dancing To The Pan”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Jathniel Thomas, known by the moniker “Jackspania,” is an emerging calypso singer who hails from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Though he’s now establishing himself as a solo artist, he has written and produced many songs for many different artistes like Nap Hepburn among others. Thomas has played back-up for many calypsonians including Duke, Stalin, Barron and The Mighty Sparrow as a keyboardist. As the former leader of the Fabulous Deltones, he has headlined throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

As a teacher in the New York City Public School System, Thomas was instrumental in assisting in the developing young talent; particularly in the area of Steel Pan bringing this culture to the younger Diaspora in North America. He has worked with the Jackie Robinson Center, Police Athletic League and other organizations in NYC.

Currently Thomas is the CEO of Moonstone Product- ions and owns and operates Japat Music Studio and School, where he continues to ensure that young talent is honed. His most recent endeavor is his foray into Calypso, with the CD Come Along With Me and he was in the process of producing Sparrow until Sparrow’s recent health challenges.

For the 2014 Panorama season, Thomas has already delivered the track Pan Man and follows up with the track featured here, Dancing To The Pan and We Come Out To Play.

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