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sung by “Keet Styla”
composed by Alston Jack
lyrics by Issa Jack

arranged by Issa Jack



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Mango...Oh Mango!
Mango...Oh Mango!
Mango...Oh Mango!
Mango...Oh Mango!

My Sweetness!
My Love!
My Sweetness!

Verse 1

Yes the woman sweet like a sweet mango
(Julie from Trinbago)
Man the woman sweet
from her head to toe
Frankly speaking I can't deny
Mere words can't describe
How I feel inside
Gonna love you girl til the day I die

Woman you thrill me when I'm holding you
(Julie from Trinbago)
Sometimes loss for words
don't know what to do
All I'm saying is I need you
Always in my life
Me and you so right
What a joy to love you girl day and night.


In the band...She there with me
My woman...She jam on me
Pan so sweet...She there with me
Carnival...We party on the street

DJ play...She there with me
On J’Ouvert...She jam on me
In the fete...She there with me
Bacchanal... We wukkin up a sweat

Verse 2

Lime in Port of Spain for Panorama
(Julie from Trinbago)
Skinner Park, Tobago, man all over
Everlasting love realized
Yes I love her vibes
So real, no disguise
In this game of love, some living a lie

Expression of love for her overflow
(Julie from Trinbago)
You do that to me woman don't you know
Things about you that dazzle me
Her anatomy
Excited about her it's really crazy

Chorus (x2)


My Sweetness!
My Love!
My Sweetness!

Chorus  (x2)

Alston Jack Publishing Company (ASCAP)

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“Keet Styla”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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“Keet Styla”
“Keet Styla”

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Since 1984, “Keet Styla” formerly known as “Designer” has been working with renowned panists and pan composers/arrangers such as Ken “Professor” Philmore, Ray Holman, Robert Greenidge and Earl Brooks - as well as musicians including Ralph MacDonald, Monty Alexander, Frankie McIntosh, Leston Paul and Etienne Charles.

Some of the more popular songs resulting from these collaborations are: ‘Rati-ray,’ ‘Pan by Storm,’ ‘Jump with Me,’ ‘We Just Can’t Go On Like This’ and ‘Prophet of Pan’ to name only a few. Currently “Keet Styla” is the leader/vocalist of The Therapi Band in New York City.

For 2014, he has contributed his vocals to Mango, featured here.  Background vocals are by Debra Haynes.



Designer (Keith Prescott) - left, with veteran singer Debbie Haynes, Samantha and Alston Jack
From left to right:  “Keet Styla” (Keith Prescott) - background vocalist Debra Haynes, Samantha and Alston Jack

Alston Jack, a native from the isle of Tobago, has been passionate about the steeldrum since he was 9 years old, when he became a member of the Tobago All Stars Steel Orchestra.

Seeking a greater challenge, the double second panist became a member of Renegades Steel Orchestra in 1967, but remained with the band for only one season before moving to cross-town rivals, Desperadoes.

As a member of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, Alston Jack was able to tour many places with them including New York city where he stayed and made his second home.

Jack’s pan compositions have been featured on the soundtracks of Fatal Attraction, Working Girl and NBC’s daytime soap opera Another World.  He has also appeared on the Cosby Show and Another World. He has arranged for bands in New York such as Harlem All Stars, Moods Pan Groove, Metro, Women in Steel, Tropicans and Pantonic.

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