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‘Nothing Sweeter Than Pan’

sung by “Skippy”
composed by Winston Maingot

arranged by Martin Albino



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Verse 1

It is the greatest find of the century,
I’m talking about steelband,
Vibrations does move you,
Whenever you’re close to a band
To hear them guitar pans strumming,
And tenors syncopating,
Oh there’s no sweeter sensation,
Pan is truly a great invention.


Ting ting ah ling ting,
Tonk ah ting ting ting ah ling ting
It is the sweet sounds
Coming from empty oil drums.
Ting ting ah ling ting,
Tonk ah ting ting ting ah ling ting,
That does have you dancing
Doh care where you from.
Ting ting ah ling ting,
Tonk ah ting ting ting ah ling ting,
It has a kind of magic no one can resist
Out of the bosom of my small island,
Nothing sweeter than pan.

Verse 2

Anywhere you go it’s the same thing,
Africa, China or France,
When they hear pans playing,
They can’t help, they must have to dance,
And see the look - in amazement
When they see this strange, instrument
Of course they’ll ask you the question,
How could these sounds,
Come from empty oil drums.


Out of the bosom of that wonderland,
Nothing sweeter than pan.

Verse 3

People always asking the question,
Where did the steelband come from,
Some say from Africa,
Some say from America,
Don’t believe these false rumors,
I will give you the facts,
And I want the whole world to know
Pan was invented, in my Trinbago


Out of the bosom of that blessed land
Nothing sweeter than pan.

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“Nothing Sweeter Than Pan”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Winston ''Skippy'' Maingot has won Calypso titles in Montreal, and Toronto, Canada.  His compositions have been performed by artists such as Crazy, Macomere Fifi and Ronnie McIntosh as well as Connector, to name a few.  Maingot was also a member of the Expo ‘67 Steelband.

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