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‘Pan Anthem’

sung by Eunice Peters
composed by Felix Jones



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Verse 1

1939 said some
Between there and ‘41
On a pan a little dent
Could create ah instrument
They sweat and they pound away
Till a melody could play
The people had one comment
This is a new instrument.


We need a anthem for the steel pan
So when we hear it we go all stand
We need a anthem for the steel pan
To show we love and we respect pan
First thing we play it in the morning
Last thing we play it in the evening
Government functions that they having
It should be played at the openings
Why? We need a anthem for the steel pan
It was invented here in this land.

Verse 2

You were all born in this land
So be proud of the pan
It is time the world should hear
The pan was invented here
So now I appeal to you
This is what we all should do
We should demand an anthem
Dedicated to Steel Pan.



Verse 3

Out there in the rain and sun
Pounding away on a drum
Hoping that a note would come
On ah dented old steel drum
Let us show our gratitude
For without their fortitude
The world would have no steel pans
And dey would be no steel bands.


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“Pan Anthem”
Eunice Peters

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Eunice Peters
Eunice Peters

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Eunice Peters has been singing songs for the Pan since 1999 and has established herself as one of the top female singers in this area. Her list of songs includes Colours, House of Music (the theme of Starlift’s Panyard); Pure Party (the winning selection of Silver Stars in the Medium Category 2004); Can’t Get Enough (winning selection of Merrytones in the Small Band Category 2007) and; First in the Line (winning selection of Silver Stars in the large Band Category 2009).

Eunice was also a regular finalist in the Pan Song Competition placing second in 2004. 

In 2013 she was heard on Keshorn – The Javelin Champion. For the 2014 Panorama season her vocals grace the track featured here, Pan Anthem.

Felix Jones

Felix Jones is a Trinidad-born panist who now resides in the USA. At age 8 he learned to play a North Star tenor pan, later acquiring a second-hand guitar pan from the Fernandez Family. At age 14 he wanted to play Mas, but his parents would not let him. That inspired him to compose the Calypso “I Want To Jam.” 

In 1958 at age 16 his elder brother took Jones to play in Silver Stars Steel Orchestra for that Carnival.  From then through 1963 he performed on the road and for the stage side with Silver Stars. From 1970 to 1999 he played in Trinidad &  Tobago, New York, California and Disneyland in Orlando with Silver Stars, under the musical leadership of Junior Pouchet.

For 2014 he produced Pan Anthem, “I Want To Jam” and “Meh Rooster Doh Crow” which will be sung by “Crazy.”

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