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‘Pan in China’

sung by Tony Barclay
composed by Tony Barclay

arranged by Tony Barclay



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Verse 1

I went to China
They have carnival over there
My trip to China
Showed me things I was unaware
Strange enough the things I see
Today still keep haunting me
Their music I heard
Have me totally lost for words


(This is what I heard in
China in ah party way over there
Everybody singing this song 
Wong Long Pong Chong) x2

Verse 2

This thing get to me 
It have me going bazodee
Chinese ever more
Wall to wall they on the dance floor
Suddenly they start again
Singing this Chinese refrain
It sounding so good 
So ah start singing where I could


Verse 3

I now realize that de people was in disguise 
Some playing peacock 
And another playing ah duck
Suddenly de dragon came
And they start to worship him
I say not at all
And ah walk out of de dance hall

Chorus x2

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“Pan In China”
Tony Barclay

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Tony Barclay
Tony Barclay

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Tony Barclay was born in Trinidad where he learned the guitar at a young age. He played things he heard on the radio and sang on street corners. The 60s played a very important part in Tony’s life; listening to radio he heard people like Steve Wonder, James Taylor, Miriam Makeba, George Benson and many more.

Tony began writing songs singing with Richard Hines, and Ian & Alan Stuart. He began performing at a local radio station, Radio Trinidad, on the “Auntie Kay” program and at the Calypso Revue Tent, where he met other artists. Tony’s first record was a Disco 45, The Crown. Since then he came out with LPs Pan For Beethoven, (2) Music For A Lifetime and (3), Jazz On Pan (conversation Piece).

Tony’s love for music continues as life goes on. He has a number of Pan songs: Pan Beethoven, Pan 5th Symphony, Jazz On Pan, the track featured here - Pan In China, Pan Hurricane, Quicksilver, The Hills Coming Down and many more.

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