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‘Pan In Safe Hands’

sung by Merv Hamlyn
composed by Merv Hamlyn

arranged by Merv Hamlyn



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Verse 1

I heard rumors that pan was in danger
Just about to be extinct, and gone forever
Not much, steelband business
Because of lack of interest
It made me so damn angry
Until an angel spoke to me

Chorus 1

Merv, don't worry pan is safe
Take it from me my dear, look! behave
I know you were angry, and didn't understand
Listen, look around, pan in safe hands

Verse 2

I took a good look at panorama
After all the complaining,
thing seemed much better
Lil kids, as young as five
Keeping the artform alive
It made me feel so damn proud
To see its carnival's largest crowd

Chorus 2


Verse 3

I got, a good feel, of total satisfaction
Just to see how pan gaining worldwide attention
"When steel talks" on the net
Great info, you could get
Australia, Europe to Tokyo
Now pan is in Mexico

Chorus 3


Sometimes, there is still no respect
That's why i get so blasted vex
Right here in the land of its birth, it's treated like a bastard child
In foreign lands it's loved, and they go wild, wild, wild, wild

Chorus Fade


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“Pan In Safe Hands”
Merv Hamlyn

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Merv Hamlyn
Merv Hamlyn

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Merv Hamlyn, a pan jumbie from St. James, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, has been involved in Pan since 1963 when he joined BWIA Sunjets West Side Symphony, under the leadership of the late Mr. Herman “Rock” Johnson. As Merv Hamlyn’s mentor, tutor and inspiration he went on to win in 1964 the Music Festival award with the band. In 1965 they visited New York for their first overseas trip when they performed at the world-famous Radio City Music Hall for three months. As a member of the band Hamlyn toured extensively throughout North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

In 1969 Hamlyn migrated to New York; in the early 70s he played with and was one of the musical arrangers for the Groovy Few band of the Bronx. He later moved to Brooklyn and joined the Highlanders Band where he both played and was one of the band’s musical arrangers under the leadership of Kim Loy Wong. After he left The Highlanders he began doing solo work around the Tri-State area and in between a few cruise ship gigs. With the passion for Pan burning inside him, Hamlyn was encouraged by his friend “Lil Jack” to get back involved in the arena and bring his musical dish to the table.

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