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sung by Ricardo Drue
composed by Ricardo Drue



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Oye - Man ah know what ah doing
They cyah stop what ah doing
’Cause I’sa a Soca -
(I’ma socaholiccccc) holi holic
I’sa holic holic, I’sa holic holic
I’sa holic holic

Verse 1

The doctor say if ah take one more jam
Well I go die - well I go dead tonight
And they say,
Soca does make meh heart beat too fast
Well I go speed it up tonight

They call me a soca crack head
‘Cause I’m addicted to the jamming
It could be sun, could be rain
Cold or hurricane
I’ll be jamming


I’m a Socaholic, you can see it in meh eyes
I so high, I’m a Socaholic yea yeah yea
If I overdose and is dead I dead tonight
Is soca or die

Ohh ohh eee yea yea
Ohh ohh ohh ee yea yea
Ohh ohh eee yea yea
Is soca or die
Ohh ohh eee yea yea
Ohh ohh ohh ee yea yea
Ohh ohh eee yea yea

Verse 2

The doctor say
Soca does mek yuh hallucinate
Well all I seeing is plenty gyal
And they say
It go make yuh act like an animal
Well now look bacchanal

So if you see me in a fete
And I in ah mess - Man ah jamming
Don’t need no help or rehab
Just please understand
Dat ah jamming




If you see me gih me ah fix
Doh try talk me out this
Trust me man
Say I know what ah doing
If I had to choose tonight
Between soca or die
Trust me man, say yuh know what I doing


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Ricardo Drue

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Ricardo Drue
Ricardo Drue

“Son of the Caribbean; Voice of the world”

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With an eclectic mix of Soca, R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae, there is no doubting that the diverse ripple effect caused by such phenomenal success stories of great performers like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Bunji Garlin and Ne-Yo - has influenced the young and energetic Ricardo Drue to become who he is today. Drue, born into a musical family, is primed to make his presence felt as he crafts a rhythm all his own throughout the music industry.

After making a dent in the music scene as one of the lead singers of the dance and vocal quartet “Crossovah,” it was highly anticipated that Ricardo Drue was sure to leave his stamp on the music industry as he made his solo debut, and that he has. Ricardo has been laying the foundation for his musical career since the tender age of 5 years old and has come a long way with humble beginnings.

Born in the village of Fort Road on the island of Antigua until moving to Cocoyea, San Fernando in Trinidad and Tobago, he knew music was his calling. Although Soca music is an influential part of his career, Drue also hopes to break the cultural barriers like so many artists have done in the past.

Performing for large crowds is nothing new to Ricardo. “I live for this, the stage gives me life. There is nothing, I would rather be doing than what I do now, entertaining. I love my life; I love my culture; I love my music. I do this for me but I also do it for my family.”

Ricardo Drue is currently a member of the Roy Cape All-stars.

For more info on Ricardo Drue:

Twitter: @itsdrue
Instagram: @itsdrue

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