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‘Steelband’s Dark Horse’

sung by Simeon Superville
composed by Simeon Superville



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Verse 1

There is a type of horse among steelbands
The type of horse
That they don’t know ‘bout,
The one that running
with the golden number,
Coming to give them band real thunder
So go make your gamble right,
Gambling with the incite,
On the horse winning victory,
First place runners in the race,
Changes sometimes in the face
So when the time comes we would see


We looking out this year to see the champion,
Woi lord we waiting to see
The one gonna fit the big description
Of the dark horse in the country,
Running...... top in performance,
Running...... Na giving them chance,
Running...... Outstanding music,
Running...... beating all their tricks
Tonal quality on top,
And the rhythm, them pumped up
And they coming out with their fullest force
That’s how you identify
Steelband’s dark horse



Verse 2

There are some things revealed
‘Bout the dark horse
They come from behind
And take everything,
The fun thing for them is really the drama,
Going all out to get the big win - woi
They don’t care about the odds,
Challenges they love to see,
Let’s say a hundred to one,
Always moving positive,
So much confidence to give,
Prepared for the competition.




He running..... hey
The dark horse running,
The dark horse of bands,
Gunning, (look out) x5
He running.....hey
The dark horse running,
The dark horse of bands,
Gunning,  (look out) x5

Verse 3

For the pan men the dark horse is different,
We see a working hard underdog,
The one who’s knocking on the door
Of success
Emerging from the mist of the fog - aye...
Jamming hard for the ‘rama,
Working out all the drama,
Making sure all hard work done...
History in the making,
Give the people a shaking
Right after they’ve heard the band won



Verse 4

I cannot say who will be the dark horse...
A lot of the bands have the potential
I’m sure they coming
With their biggest strike - oh yea,
Striving to be most original - woi....
So just rock back in your seat
Let them turn up all the heat
Let us enjoy the big show
We will hear some shocking rendition,
Music of different condition,
And that is all people should know




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“Steelband’s Dark Horse”
Simeon Superville

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Simeon Superville
Simeon Superville

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Simeon Superville has been a composer from 2009 to the present. At this time he is also the captain of single pan band Stardust Steel Orchestra. Though it is “a little strenuous to do both - being a composer and captaining the band,” Superville says he still gives his best efforts, as a member of the band for a year to date. He also does a lot of ‘stage side’ music for Stardust as well.

In 2013 Superville put forward Musical Giants as his melodic work for pan. For the 2014 Panorama season, he has not one but two compositions – Roll It Back and the track featured here, Steelband’s Dark Horse.

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